Artworks -

This is a one-off work. I have only one artwork available for the moment. Thanks, Thierry

Context of creation:

Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 2) is in its essence, the celebration of birth, of this palpable energy surrounding creation: -Whether for the birth an idea, of a child or for that of a work of art, this magic operates, in the sense that it is primarily our thoughts which create everything first, what will be physically manifested thereafter.
Between -idea- and -reality-, the line can be quite thin. Between the power of the will and the feeling of letting-go, is the polarized state we seek to set into balance, to pass from one state to another. 

Setting up recently my own workshop on the banks of the Fleuve St-Laurent, in beautiful St-Jean-Port -Joli Qc, I had this thought about the actual action of welcoming a particular new stages in life... Which I thought could be best managed through participation and action:

-Since my new hometown is an historic village especially famous for its wood carving and fine crafts tradition...I decided to just really go with this flow of sculptural influence, and create my first sculpture, as to mark this transition. This is how it came about for me; But all of us can relate I think to this theme.

Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 2) thus celebrates these new beginnings and new stages we all live, in a simple yet refined rendering;

The sculpture's polarized colour scheme, form and composition, invite a simple yet pleasant push-pull shadow interplay between its circular elements, marking time, moon cycles, and birth. The piece invites for new beginnings through energy balance.

Carved and domed-out of beautiful Maple burl, each Sun & Moon disc elements are tied to a graphite finish, basswood base.

The discs finish is dye with no varnish whatsoever ; This give the wood a surreal, soft, velvety appearance that is not otherwise available in contemporary art.
Sun and Moon are represented as polarities, and can be viewed as whole from all angles. 

The blue line is especially there, for to welcome decision, actions, movements of life and light. 

Signed and dated -May 2022, St-Jean-Port-Joli Qc- by Thierry André.


Dimensions are: 18in x 9in x 9in 

Will I be making other artworks like this?

I really don't know at this time!

I am offering this one for sale. In fact, its really the first -buy it now- item, ever to appear on my site! Although inherently different from my guitar works, Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 2) was realized with the same care as my instruments are: - I made some fixtures to hold the discs in place while carving each 4 faces by hand. From the picture below you can see how the original maple burl material felt very different to the eye in the early stages:
Balancing out the colours took me as long as making the actual woodwork.

I took some chances and had lots of fun using the anilin dyes for the discs elements. The pictures do a good job of showing their velvety look and feel.
What is to be expected and really fun, is that the actual maple wood will take the natural sunlight over time, and its figure will acquire even more depth and reflectiveness. The fact that the wood is technically un-varnished, will make it age naturally and take (as barn wood does) a silver cast over time, that will blend-in with the different dyes present.

Less visible on the pictures, is the presence of the disc's shadows on the graphite finished base ; These mark time, as their position is switching in synchronicity according to daylight. 

Its not a huge piece although its freestanding. It would fit nicely on a desk, tabletop, large shelf or bookshelf.

Maybe you have a -spot- already for it!

In any case, thank you for looking. I had a great time making this artwork, and wish its energy can uplift one's space and mind, and can reflect with its viewer for years to come.