Andre Instruments, featured in a guitar publication !

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It is quite an honour to  be part of this 2019 guitar publication from Gangemi Editore!

Antonio Marano, associate professor of design at the Department of Architecture, University of Chieti-Pescara ( Italy ) has just made a very accomplished work here.


His portrait of the evolution of the instrument is fantastic, and it features the works of many contemporary peer luthiers from all over the world.

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A total of 10 pages are devoted to my work, from the more early instruments like Zyra, to the most recent ones like Sun, Moon, and Vibrations.

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Read the most recent article: Featured artist Thierry André on Artsy Shark:


July 9th 2020.


Multi 2 :

Raga guitar :

Raga guitar, as featured by The Boutique guitar Showcase tour in 2017, played by Rudy Pensa. Special thanks to Jamie Gale, and Jamie Gale Music for producing this great video footage.

Multi no.2  by Thierry André played by Kinloch Nelson 


Santa Barbara Acoustic Instruments Celebration, 2016

Interview ( Francais ) with Fred Kopo at the Holy Grail guitar show 2015.

Footage courtesy of

Multi no. 1  played acoustic,  by client, amazing composer and friend Jean-Marc Hébert.

Kinloch Nelson with Multi no.1 


 @     Woodstock Invitational

Luthier Showcase 


NY, Oct. 2015

Blue Jay Way (The Beatles song) - Kinloch Nelson

Woodstock Invitational

In 2013 was my first invitation to the Woodstock Luthier Showcase. I had the chance to meet great players, and share with some of my peers.





Upper right corner a -spiritual- gift to me : Receiving a high-five, and having my instrument -approved- by one of my luthier heros, in the name of Ken Parker.


Made my day for sure!

In 2014 was my first invitation to exhibit in Europe, this to the Holy Grail guitar show in Berlin.


This was a fantastic experience, it was motivational to see everybody's work there ; I'd say the level of -love- and -inspiration- was very palpable there.

For a young luthier, this is the kind of gathering that feels great to be part of.

Interview de Thierry André par Jacques Carbonneaux pour le projet Kouai et Oudtar 2 , The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014

Oudtar 2 by Thierry André played by Shai Sebbag

Early instruments: A series of 5 Guitare-fruit was made in 2008.
These instruments
went-on to contribute to broadening of the tonal palette of Andre's acoustic guitars, as heard on Raga , Multi, and more lately, on Guitare-Fruit Wurcer
Slippery When Wet - Rolf Klausener
3rd Ear - Ragleela

Old-School Archtop guitar by Thierry André, Played by Samael Pelletier.


A short acoustic demo Played by Samael Pelletier in C# tuning-


Video by Productions Jolie Rouge, recorded @ Studio Pavillon Noir by Yannick Lapierre, spring 2018.

Oud Masmoudi. by Thierry André played by Mohamed Masmoudi   

Piece: Ben Seni Sevdigimi

Early exhibition in Quebec city, at Centre Materia.
Focusing on the creative-side of instrument-making, this exhibition featured luthiers as well as craft and applied arts participants.

La commissaire Nathalie Racicot avec Oudtar de Thierry André lors de l'exposition -Mutation-Matière-Son,

instruments de musique innovant, présentée au Centre Materia en 2011. Photo : Journal Le Soleil, Pascal Ratthé

Different articles from Danemark (above), Italy (upper right), and
Germany (below), Selecting one should direct you to its dedicated page! 
First feature ever in a book publication - alongside many contemporary builders- In Ervin Somogyi's -The Responsive Guitar  Circa  2009
Photo: Michael Watts
More on this later!