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Experimental & Early Works 

These Instruments are generally no longer available to order, although they have been each formative in the current development of my guitars.

The Greyhound Mandoline by Thierry André Instruments

The Greyhound Mandoline

Guitare-Fruit Wurcer - Thierry Andre Instruments

Guitare-Fruit Wurcer

Mono-Man, cordophone by Thierry André-Andre Instruments


Oud Masmoudi by Thierry Andre Instruments

Oud Masmoudi

Tuku, calabash nylon guitar by Thierry André Instruments


Cluster - Thierry Andre Instruments - nylon harp guitar w / gourd body and sub-bass


Guitare-Fruit Series by Thierry André Instruments

Guitare-Fruit Series

Po (Skin), Skin composite acoustic guitar prototype by Thierry andré-Andre Instruments

Po (Skin)


" Just when you think you’ve seen it all?


Impossible to pin this man down, from Renaissance like treasures, tribal folk instruments to alien like objects. This (the Clara archtop) is gonna be something amazing I’m sure. "

Andy Bowen

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