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Selected works - 

Echoes of Time   -   Clara Archtop   -   Sun, Moon, and Vibrations   -   Guitare-Fruit wurcer   -   Old-School Archtop   -   Raga-Guitar  -  Maya 3   -   Multi 2   -   Maya 2  -   Multi   -   Maya   -   Kouai   -   Mono-Man   -   JM7   -   Banjo AM   -   Oudtar  -   Cluster   -   Tuku   -  Sakura   -   Guitare-Fruit Series  -   Po (Skin)   -   Goldorak   -   Rolf   -   Khan   -   Projet Orange   -   Zyra

Echoes-of-Time, Harp-guitar by Thierry André-Andre Instruments

Echoes of Time

Clara Archtop, guitar by Thierry André-Andre Instruments

Clara Archtop

Sun, Moon, and Vibrations - Thierry Andre Instruments

Sun,Moon, and Vibrations

Guitare-Fruit Wurcer - Thierry Andre Instruments

Guitare-Fruit Wurcer

Old School Archtop - Thierry Andre Instruments

Old School Archtop

RAGA guitar - Thierry Andre Instruments


Maya Bass 3 by Thierry André-Andre Instruments

Maya Bass 3

Multi 2 - Thierry Andre Instruments - Harp guitar w/sympathetic strings and sub-bass

Multi 2

MAYA Bass 2 - Thierry Andre Instruments - Acoustic Bass

Maya Bass 2

Multi - Thierry Andre Instruments - Harp guitar w/sympathetic strings and sub-bass


MAYA BASS - Thierry Andre Instruments - acoustic bass


Kouai - Thierry Andre Instruments - electric guitar hollow-body rosewood top


Mono-Man, cordophone by Thierry André-Andre Instruments


Banjo AM, Gourd-banjo by Thierry André-Andre Instruments

Banjo AM

JM7 - Thierry Andre Instruments - Nylon electric acoustic guitar 7 string - multiac-style anti-feedb


Tuku, calabash guitar by Thierry André-Andre Instruments-for the star Oliver Mtukudzi


Oudtar - Thierry Andre Instruments - bowl-back acoustic guitar -


Cluster - Thierry Andre Instruments - nylon harp guitar w / gourd body and sub-bass


SAKURA - Thierry Andre Instruments - steel-string acoustic guitar - jumbo 17 inch low bout - Sitka s


Po (Skin), Skin composite acoustic guitar prototype by Thierry andré-Andre Instruments

Po (Skin)

Guitare-Fruit no.1 - Thierry Andre Instruments - gourd guitar 6 string

Guitare-Fruit Series

Goldorak - Thierry Andre Instruments - holow-body electric guitar - camphor burl padauk and mahogany



Khan, Acoustic archtop guitar by Thierry André-Andre Instruments


Orange project - Thierry Andre Instruments - carved-top electric guitar - prs santan model inspired

Projet Orange

Zyra - Thierry Andre Instruments - hollow-body electric guitar w horns flutes acoustic-electric body


" I had the pleasure of hosting the Boutique guitar showcase yesterday, and I must say that your instruments radiated a soul that only a handmade instrument by a master, caring builder can create.

The "harp, lute, guitar" was captivating.

Your instruments have not only a unique artistic concept but the sounds are also unique. The natural reverberations elicit different emotions than just a mere guitar is capable of. "

Bob Willcutt

Current build-list:

 Greyhound Mandoline      Red Cardi     Multi 3     Firmie      Bass for Greg     Aquamarine     Phénix    TP Diptych

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