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Hollow-body electric guitar (2024) with internal acoustic horn components.


"So well designed! Love the flow of every curve and corner."


Hofmeister guitars


"unbelievable! totally alien. feels straight out of a giger or cronenberg universe."


Andy Pitcher

TriHorn guitar build by Thierry Andre Instruments
TriHorn guitar by Thierry Andre Instruments

Raga /// (Credito foto: William Ritter)



-Chitarra acustica bowl-back con corde simpatiche - 2017 -


AndreInstruments n.101



Dimensioni: 104 x 41 x 25 cm


Lunghezza della scala: 645 mm


Larghezza collo @ dado 45 mm


Spaziatura delle corde al ponte 55 mm


Lunghezza totale del corpo: 50 cm

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