Photos: Jean Fitzgerald

"I was at guitar camp last weekend and the Maya got lots of use, as usual...  I also did a gig with a blues guitarist this week, the sound man gave me a wonderful compliment about the Maya and my playing: “you could build a house on the tone of that bass!”


Thank you for such a special instrument! 


Warmly, Greg

Greg Franklin with band, at Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch , August 2017
The Maya acoustic bass is very simply based on a proportionate design relative to the acoustic guitar.  By taking the bass's scale length of 34 inches, and dividing it by the guitar's 25.5 inches scale length, one gets the resulting musical ratio of 4/3 (or 1.333 ). Thus, the Maya's body length is 26" compared to the 19.5 " industry standard.
Since even the wood suppliers don't offer much -longer- alternatives...most acoustic bass are usually kept guitar sized. By making it a 12-fret to body instrument, it miraculously fits a Gator semi-hard gig-bag, and/or can be delivered in a custom flight case too. Its longer wood is supplied by Roy Tonewoods which I have been working with for several years.
Boxing-up the first Maya bass in 2015
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