Maya no.3

Photos : William Ritter


Alaska yellow cedar top plate w/red spruce, padauk, and carbon fiber bracing, Alaska Sitka spruce back/body, Macassar ebony f.board w/aluminum side and top markers, Canadian roasted rock maple / carbon fiber neck, Nickel Plated 6061-T6 aluminum KSM foundation bridge, gabon ebony nut and thumb rest, Canadian black cherry binding w/slanted laminated armrest. Hipshot elephant ear Ultra-lite tuners in aluminum/chrome, handmade shielded control box w/coil-tap switch.
Vol./Tone cts pot w/dome knobs, Sealed output jack. Pickup: Dimarzio DP-145 Will Power, medium output. Body featuring oxidative process with salts of iron. Satin epoxy/copal/tung oil rubbed varnish, natural.


Custom wooden case. Lifetime limited warranty to original owner,
declaration of authenticity, serial number/label inside is : André
Instruments- Thierry André no. 93 , 2017


Acoustic Bass Guitar w/ neck humbucker.
3rd of a very unique series initiated in 2015.
Stunning craftmanship, design, functionality and art-factor ++






Scale length : 34.00 inches  neck  pitch 0 Standard Fender specs neck
w/ Raised fingerboard, 19 frets medium crown 18% nickel silver, String
spacing at bridge: 2.25 inches 15.5 inches low bout,  body thickness
6.1 inches/ featuring armrest body cut.


Photos: William Ritter

- The Maya is a unique and beautiful instrument as are all of your creations. And the sound is very rich and deep. Your instruments are highlights of my collection.


Short demo of the sonic capabilities of the Maya model.   Luthier is playing the Maya 3 freshly strung-up, flat on workbench, fretting notes with his thumb.
Recorded with a Zoom H2N mic.
Maya workbench Demo - Thierry André
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