Maya no.2

Photo : Holy Grail Guitar Show
Photos: Anne-Marie Amyot

- I think that the Maya is one of the most beautiful instruments I've ever seen. The combination of woods, the design, the finish, etc.


My question is can this be made as a six string guitar and what might the time frame and approximate cost be?


Keep up the inspired work it is helping to improve the look and sound of the future.




Sound :
Bass Maya no.2 - Florian Obrecht

- Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how beautiful your instruments are. I play bass for CSN, Jackson Browne, and many others. I have an extensive instrument collection but have never seen anything quite like yours. Particularly the Maya bass. Stunning. Congratulations on such artistry. While the cost is reasonable for a handmade work of art- I would be unable to consider it without playing and hearing it. Having said that, please make sure you let me know if you ever have your instruments in So. California. I will also make an appt. next time I am in beautiful QC. Again- Fantastic work!


Best, Kevin

Maya 3 (left) and the original Maya, reunited for the 2017 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase.
Photo: Peter Wilson