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Multi 2

Photos: Anne-Marie Amyot

Arch top guitar w/ 12 sympathetic strings and 2 sub-bass.

2nd of a very unique series of 2.

Sound, craftsmanship, design, functionality and art-factor ++






Scale length : 25.125 inches  neck pitch 0


Standard steel-string neck w/1.71 inches nut width 


12 inches radius board @ 5th fret


Raised fingerboard, 20 EVO Gold frets medium crown


String spacing at bridge: 2.125 inches


16 inches low bout,


Body thickness at mid-point 4 inches / 2.5 inches under right arm



Multi 2 -Archtop guitar w/12 sympathetic strings and 2 sub-bass -2016 - Andre Instruments no.94

Dimensions: 108 x 41 x 10 cm
Scale length: 638mm
Neck width @ nut 43mm
String spacing @ bridge 56mm
Body length total: 107 cm


Soundboard: Alska yellow cedar, with altitude Red spruce bracings
Back&sides: American poplar, monocoque
Neck: Spanish cypress, with carbon fiber reinforcements, and steel
adjustable truss-rod
Fretboard: West african ebony, with indian rosewood markers and
aluminium side dots inlay
Headstock: Spanish cypress, Indian rosewood, with bleached cow bone logo inlay
Bridge: Morado and carbon fiber
Tailpiece: Indian rosewood, ebony, aluminium, steel, carbon fibre.

Tuning machines: Gotoh stealth, black chrome
Nut: Camel bone
Saddle: carbon fibre graphite
Finish: Linseed oil, tung oil, and copal varnish (neck, back & sides)
Graphite dust and hand-polished nitrocellulose laquer (soundboard)

Pickups: Lindy Fralin split-blades, vintage output
Strings: D'addario EXP16, phosphor bronze and steel

Multi 2 played by Jean-Marc Hébert.

Picture (below) courtesy of Deimel Guitarworks, from the Holy Grail guitar show 2016


" Hi Thierry, Congratulations! Multi #2 is stunning! A beautiful work of art! [...] Thrilled to have Multi 2! "



Beautiful Old-growth yellow cedar from Haida Gwaii B.C. (Canada) was used for the soundboard to Multi 2.


- Thierry André brought several examples of his work from his Canadian workshop at the Santa Barbara acoustic instrument celebration. The stunning silver Multi No. 2 is a 6-string archtop guitar hot-rodded with 12 sympathetic drone strings and two bass strings. -

James M. Brill- Premier Guitar

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