Projet Orange

Photos: Nassim Aboutanos
Early carved-top solid-body electric guitar
from 2003-2004.

It is inspired by PRS Santana model. It was commissioned by Michel Vanier, left-handed Montreal guitarist.

Michel happened to be a -sérigraphe-, or print-maker. He asked for a pure, sharp, translucent orange colour for his guitar.

The silver maple top is tonally suited and a perfect canvas for colour work. 

I made the mahogany back of the guitar slightly concave, so it sits closer to his body.

The adjustable bridge, in white moose horn material, has cow bone saddles and stainless steel custom tubing as string anchors.

Paul Reed Smith (back in 1995) was an influence for me as a guitar making student. I thought he was one of the few who had the  electric guitar's horn asymmetry right. I didn't have deep -guitar- background then, but I copied Paul's lines from a picture in a magazine.

I made the -vault- or carve of the top slightly going inwards between the pickups, bringing a  ("small of the back" type of) feminine feel to the guitar. 

At the time, my client Michel told me he was in the quitting smoking process, and wanted to mark his action by having an uplifting objet around him è Mark his new -beginning- in a fond way.
I recently have been asked to make a similar guitar again, and was lucky to get exactly the same silver maple from my long-time supplier in the south of Quebec.

Red Cardi will be build for Roberto.

I dont know if he wants to quit smoking too, but I can affirm that Michel was successful with making a gift for himself in having a guitar made for him ; Until this day he honoured his challenge.

He told me he plays his -Projet Orange- guitar everyday at lunch-time and keeps it at his workshop.

This is the kind of story that keeps me going.