Next guitar show presentation, Europe :

- The Holy Grail Guitar show - 

       Estrel Berlin, May 2-3 2020


     (Postponed, New date will be announced shortly. )

Andre Instruments is by choice, an individual shop. Thierry is one gifted luthier who will create an instrument adapted to your playing needs and tone requirements, designing for you a guitar or a bass guitar of dedicated form, masterfully expressed from your inspirations and ideas, or from a mere napkin sketch. He is also well known for producing spontaneous builds on his own, keeping the surprise-factor in as possible every year.

This website demonstrates Thierry Andre's unique ability to use modern forms and features of the guitar, while preserving the best aspects of its heritage and value as a musical tool. His formal root lies in the -good old design-, while he is really expressing what contemporary guitar making is all about.
Each instrument he creates is a timeless musical tool, a functional work of art. and a material expression of what intuition can bring to one's life. He works to let the inherent vibrations of the wood to unfold, at both musical/visual levels.  
Thierry is taking a handful orders each year.  - Each order is a unique process ; You can chose to order:
1- From a sample model from this website : Adding personal specs and guidelines to your order, you can let Thierry take care of the project's whole balance for you. This is the - I love this -  type of order, and is a straightforward, simple order action.

2- A new model to be created for you : You have a good idea of ​​what you dream instrument would be, and don't find a match for it on this website. You would like to see the merging of two existing models, or be able to -see- your very thoughts and vision, taking shape in the form of your dedicated instrument?  This is the - Involved - type of order.
3- You are inspired about your next guitar build, but more in terms of -context- and form, than about the very details of it. You would like Thierry to surprise you with a unique instrument proposal, based on you personal references, story, theme, etc.
This is the - Transcending - type of order.
How to order : 
- $3000 order deposit is required to place you on Thierry's build-list and initiate your order.
The consultation process for your instrument will begin, and a quote will be made shortly for you, about your specific order, according to the price list below. Your order can combine two types of instruments, and will requires an intermediate pricing. 
-Upon receiving your quote, you will have 21 calendar days to make you final decision about your order. This is an unconditional -no stress- policy which is part of the exceptional experience of acquiring an Andre Instrument, from commissioning to delivery.
In this time-window , you can chose to:  
A- Make your order official, and secure your pricing, time frame for build, and materials chosen if any. At this point your deposit becomes non-refundable, and you are given the serial number to your next Andre Instrument.
B- Cancel your order, for ANY reason, and have your order deposit refunded within 24 hours.
Order deposits can be made with Paypal:  
Thank you for choosing Andre Instruments. Thierry will contact you via email in the next twenty-four hours to discuss your order. 
Instruments value - April 2020 : All Andre Instruments are sold direct, and ship from Quebec city, Canada.
- $22,500  -Elongated acoustic guitar, or an otherwise compelling, groundbreaking instrument design. Neck wings support,
Art factor option, pickup options, special requests, and custom flight-case included. (man/hours 450+) (
- $18,000  -Multi-string guitar, or otherwise very complexe to make, 3-D oriented instrument. Neck wings support, pickup options, and custom flight-case included. (man/hours 400+) (2, 3 ) 
- $15,000  - Arched-top guitar or bass, hand-carved technique & voicing, with neck wings support. Choice of f-holes/circular sound hole, or sound-port design. Pickup options, color options, and hardshell / flight case included. (man/hours 300+) 4, )
- $12,000  -Acoustic guitar or bass, flat-top construction w/ neck-wings support. Pickup options, cutaway option, 
and custom hardshell / flight case included. (man/hours 250+) (6, 7 )
- $9000  Electric guitar or bass, carved-top & semi-hollow construction. Choice of pickups and specs. 
Finish options and custom hardshell case included.  (man/hours 200+) 8, )
- $7500  Electric guitar or bass, mainly solid body construction. Choice of pickups and specs.
Finish options, and custom hardshell case included. (man/hours 160+) ( 10 )
- Prices are in USD, and are held firm from the receipt of your deposit until delivery. The remaining balance to the quoted price of your instrument is paid in two equal instalments: 1- When the work begins on your instrument  2- When the instrument is completed, prior to its shipping. - Instalments can be made in your chosen currency, via: Paypal, credit card, wire transfers, or personal cheques.
-All Andre Instruments are warranted for life to the original owner against defective materials and workmanship. Normal wear to the instrument is not covered under this warranty. All instruments also come with a certificate of authenticity, and a full picture-set for your records.
Other means of purchase : 
Thierry's body of work also features personal/spontaneous builds, which regularly emerge amongst the custom orders, either for guitar show presentations, as one-offs. They are likely to become, for a short time available instruments. Usually these are announced via the newsletter before completion (if time permits). 
This side-by-side (order VS spontaneous) approach has shown effective for luthier and clients alike, in keeping the work vibe dynamic :
- Supporting this philosophy of work, as one spontaneous build example, is the  Sun, Moon, And Vibrations guitar, recently completed.
- An inspired instrument is one that will give you energy, every time you play it. Even its physical presence should be enough to make you tick, and enhance your day. Something irreplaceable goes beyond the usual product, and as an artist, my personal gratification can come only from the fact that what I work from my heart will become in-time a creative tool that you can no longer do without. I give my very best for 'this little miracle' to happen with each instrument I make.  -
I look forward to hearing from you!  Thierry

Next exhibition  

May 2-3  2020

The Holy Grail Guitar Show       

Berlin, Germany

Final sanding to Multi.
Presented at the 2015 Woodstock invitational luthier Showcase. 
Previous guitar show presentation: USAThe Boutique guitar ShowcaseNew York city 2017
Bass Maya no. 3   ( SOLD )  Featuring salvaged and local woods from Quebec and Canada.
This instruments has been visually aged using an oxydative process using the salts of iron, and features
an arm-rest element as well as a full-contact adjustable bridge. Maya no. 3 is very similar to the original Maya.
Raga-Guitar ( SOLD )  Bowl-Back acoustic  guitar, very similar to Oudtar.
This instrument features an additioal set of 6 sympathetic strings, carpathian spruce top with - old world - oxidised finish

Raga-Guitar, played by Rudy Pensa in NYC


Video courtesy of : The boutique guitar 

showcase tour 2017 curated by Jamie Gale.

Previous guitar show presentation: EuropeThe Holy Grail Guitar Show , Berlin 2016
Bass Maya no. 2  SOLD )  Featuring salvaged and local woods from Quebec and Canada.
This instruments has been built according to the - Local Wood Challenge- criteria,
event to be held during the Berlin HGGS. Maya no. 2 is very similar to the first one.

Multi no. 2  ( SOLD )   Multistring  Archtop Guitar model, very similar to the first one  
This instrument will feature the works of pickup maker Lindy Fralin,
as well as a carved poplar back, carved Alska yellow cedar top, and opalescent graphite finish

With guitar maker Frank Hartung, at the Holy-Grail guitar show 2015.

Acoustic guitar - Sun, Moon, and Vibrations -, in process.
Hollow-body electric guitar - Kouai - before assembly.
Photo: Anne-Marie Amyot
Archtop guitar - Old-School - before assembly, featuring oxidized fir soundboard (left), and laminated rim construction and  neck wings supports (below). 
The neck wings supports make sure that there are no deformation (bending) of the soundbox associated with neck/string pull, over a long period of time, thus avoiding the common issues (need for periodic neck resets) all too common on responding acoustic instruments. The -neck wings-, initiated back in the day by Steve Klein and Mike Doolin, also offer many other benefits. They provide greater neck to body sound-transmission, and enable leaving the soundboard and back, free to vibrate on their full length, by reducing the neck-block's usual large footprint.
Inside of Oudtar ; The unique bowl-back acoustic guitar designed / built by Thierry André
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