Last guitar show presentation America: # boutiqueguitarshowcase 

USA -  APRIL 2017

      Bass Maya no. 3   ( SOLD )  Featuring salvaged and local woods from Quebec and Canada.
      This instruments has been visually aged using an oxydative process using the salts of iron, and features
       an arm-rest element as well as a full-contact adjustable bridge. Maya no. 3 is very similar to the first one.

    Raga-Guitar ( SOLD )   Bowl-Back acoustic  guitar, very similar to Oudtar.
      This iinstrument features an additioal set of 6 sympathetic strings,
      as well as carbon fiber elements, Carpathian spruce top with - old world - oxidised finish.

Last guitar show presentation Europe @ The Holy Grail Guitar Show , Berlin 2016 :
Bass Maya no. 2  SOLD )  Featuring salvaged and local woods from Quebec and Canada.
      This instruments has been built according to the - Local Wood Challenge- criteria,
      event to be held during the Berlin HGGS. Maya no. 2 is very similar to the first one.

    Multi no. 2  ( SOLD )   Multistring  Archtop Guitar model, very similar to the first one  
      This instrument will feature the works of pickup maker Lindy Fralin,
      as well as a carved poplar back, carved Alska yellow cedar top, and opalescent graphite finish.


If you wish to order a personal instrument from me, please get in touch and I'll assist you in this process.  
At this time, the turnaround build time for an order to be completed is of 16 months.

My body of work also includes personal/spontaneous builds, which regularly emerge amongst the custom orders. This side-by-side approach
shown effective in keeping the work very dynamic, as a synergic interaction takes place between the different projects I am working on :

Apparently distant influences, different visions of a perfect aesthetic or ideal tone, are perceived as a -set- of inspirational data, and are thought-of for a given time.
This allows me to correlate the old ideas with new ones, and to bring the different types of guitars and instruments together in a common place.
Thus, I like to give place to the decompartmentalization of genres, and to the shared amazement that brings a fresh and open look on the practice of lutherie.

In general, I build only one or two instruments at a time, while having a minimum of five projects ahead.

I do often have new pieces that become available, without I have been mandated to make them. I invite you to consult the - in the
works - list below, and to keep in touch with me for a personalized update. Here is
one example of this principle.
In the works -
En développement
Mandoline greyhound   Electric -CARDI -    Multi no . 3    Project 108 -FIRMIE    and     Zyra no.2 (inquire)           


2017  October 27, 28, & 29

Invitational Luthier Show Case       

Woodstock, New-York

2018  23,24,25 mars

Guitares au Beffroi, Salon de la belle Guitare

Mont-Rouge, Paris

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