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Multi 2 Thierry Andre Instruments - 20 string harp guitar with sympathetics and sub-bass



Creating all of my guitars as unique pieces is at the heart of my practice. This methodology has proven over the years to be the one producing the best instruments I can offer. 

 -Every guitar order I receive is unique, and is treated as such:


Basically, there are no dealers between you and my work. I collaborate with each of my clients as good, if not better than a reseller can:

A -The better part of this logic, is that you have a direct contact with the maker of your instrument, which process facilitates interaction and contributes to making your guitar an inspired one; The instrument you really want. Communications can be minimal, or detailed ; Each of my clients have their own style, and I do adapt to each for the benefit of the project at hand. 

B -You next have a live view of the instrument that I create for you on a private webpage. This page is yours! It is well documented, and will later become the public page of the instrument once completed. Drawings, drafts, inspirations, references, are all presented, and are part of my standard consultation & design process.

C -Your investment is focused on the guitar as such, i.e. no need to hand 20% or 30% of its value, to a dealer.


Once your guitar is complete, I am the same person who packages it carefully, and ships it to your door.




Feel free to ask me about the guitar you really want; I can adapt for you one of the guitar body shapes I have developed over the years, and can also replicate any design shown here on this website.


When ordering, I should know about your preferred string gauge and scale length. Your playing style, way of holding the instrument, and the context (studio, group) in which it will be used,  complete this primary picture:

-I pay close attention to your preferences in terms of body size, materials, finish selection for your guitar.

When necessary, I guide you through your ordering process. It is my pleasure to do so.


Alternatively, you can also submit a -theme- or a guitar example to me, and ask me to create a guitar of my own for you.


Either way, I enjoy doing all the steps involved in the process of creating a new guitar for a particular client.



Carefully planning and making each new instrument, doing everything right, takes time: -For this I have a list of current orders, to which your order is added when I receive it. Current lead-time is of 18 months.

Clara archtop
Clara Archtop guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Oudtar-Bowl back acoustic guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Multi 1
Multi-harp-guitar-model-Thierry Andre Instruments
Multi 2
Multi 2 - Harp guitar (back view), Thierry Andre Instruments
Raga- Bowl back acoustic guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Terms and conditions, Warranty & Authenticity - 


A quote is first produced for your order inquiry, and it details:


Final price of your order ; Main characteristics of your instrument ; Date of production ; Date of shipment.

Quotes are valid for 30 days. With the information provided, you make your decision - and can also modify your order accordingly. All quotes are free of charge.





1- An initial, non-refundable deposit representing 20% of the final price of your guitar, will secure your pricing and order, and move the latter to the list of orders in progress.


Your guitar is officially on its way! 



2- The balance to your guitar is due in (2) two payments, each representing 40% of its final price:


-First payment is due when the actual build begins for your instrument.

-Final payment is due when the guitar is complete, two weeks before its shipping.


Payments are made via bank transfers, personal checks or Paypal.


I stand behind my work, and all Andre Instruments are warranted for life to their original owner, against any defective materials and/or workmanship. This warranty is valid as long as I practice guitar making, and/or for a minimum of ten (10) years from date of purchase.

A Certificate of Authenticity (cover page pictured below) documents each instrument. The construction sequence is also documented and is featured as part of the current website.