Multi 2 Thierry Andre Instruments - 20 string harp guitar with sympathetics and sub-bass

Overview :


Creating each of my guitars as unique pieces is now at the heart of my practice. This methodology has proven over the years to be the one producing the best instruments that I can offer the world.

Although I reuse some of the guitar body shapes that I have developed, and can reproduce for you any model shown on this website; Every guitar order I receive is unique and will be designed, adapted and translated into a new -guitar plan- created especially for (insert your name here). 


There are no middleman between you and my workbench, and you can have a live view of the instrument that is created for you.


All  Andre Instruments  are sold directly from my workshop. I therefore ship your guitar directly to your door once the instrument is completed.


In touch with you :


When ordering a guitar from me, the basic parameters I should know about are your preferred string gauge and scale length. Your playing style, way of holding the instrument, and the context (studio, group) in which it will be used come to complete this primary picture. I pay close attention to your preferences in terms of body size, materials, finish and design features of your guitar. If necessary, I will guide you in this matter. 


Alternatively, you can also submit a theme or a guitar example to me, and ask me to create a guitar of my own for you.


Either way, I love going through all of these steps involved in the process of creating a new instrument for a particular individual.

From the time of your guitar order until the time of its delivery.; - I work and realize its design, construction, finishing, fretwork, final set-up, everything. 


I am also the person who is carefully packing and shipping your new Andre Instrument.

If you would like to visit me at my workshop to pick it up in person, I will be happy to welcome you there.


Timeline :


Especially when it comes to the steps involved in building a fine musical instrument, doing everything right takes time. For that I have a list of orders in progress, to which your order is added when I receive it. 


Objective :


Simply put, my primary objective is to obtain from each of my instruments, a result that meets my expectations and yours. I should be able to talk to you in ten or twenty years, and still be very proud of the guitar that I delivered to you; This statement differs from the usual line of product marketing.


I do my best so that my work makes sense, that my suppliers, customers, are happy to do business with me. From experience, most of my customers come to buy a total of 3 guitars from me over time. 

Proper pricing :

Just let me know about the guitar you have in mind, and I will produce a quote for your projected order. 


This quote will be valid for 30 days and it will detail:

A- the final cost of your order

B- the main specifications of your instrument

C- The date of its manufacture

D-The date it will be shipped.


Price range :


I invite you to contact me for the complete price list of my instruments.This list groups by average workload, the different guitars that I make, similar to the example provided below:


(Clicking on a model's name or image will take you to its specifications, features, and sound clips when available).

Acoustic guitars 
Sun, Moon, and Vibrations
Sun, Moon, and Vibration, Thierry Andre Instruments
Sun, Moon, and Vibrations: - Elongated-body acoustic guitar, hand-carved, or an otherwise highly expressif and/or very complex to make instrument design. Neck wings support, Art factor option, pickup options, special requests, and custom flight-case are included.
(work hours 450+)
Clara archtop
Clara Archtop guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Oudtar-Bowl back acoustic guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Multi 1
Multi-harp-guitar-model-Thierry Andre Instruments
Multi 2
Raga- Bowl back acoustic guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Clara archtop, Oudtar, Multi, Raga: - Multi-string guitar, or otherwise complexe to make 3D oriented or elaborate guitar. Neck wings support, pickup options, and custom flight-case  are included.
(work hours 400+)
Old-school Archtop
Old school archtop guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Khan Archtop
Khan-traditional archtop guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Old-school archtop, Khan: - Arched-top guitar or bass, hand-carved, with neck wings support. Choice of f-holes/circular sound hole, or sound-port design. Pickup, color options, and hardshell case included.
(work hours 300+)
Sakura acoustic guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Maya bass 2
Maya 2 acoustic bass guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Maya bass 
Maya- acoustic bass guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Maya bass 3
Maya 3- acoustic bass guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Sakura, Maya bass: - Acoustic guitar or bass, flat-top construction w/ neck-wings support. Pickup options, cutaway option, and custom hardshell / flight case included.
(work hours 250+)
Electric guitars 
Kouai-electric guitar hollw-body, Thierry Andre Instruments
Goldorak-electric guitar hollow-body, Thierry Andre Instruments
Zyra - Electric guitar hollow-body, Thierry Andre Instruments
Zyra - Electric guitar hollow-body, Thierry Andre Instruments
Kouai, Goldorak, Zyra- Electric guitar or bass, carved-top and back + semi-hollow construction. Choice of pickups and specs. Finish options and custom hardshell case included.
(work hours 200+)
JM7-Electric-sized nylon 7 string guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Orange project-Electric carved-top guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Orange project-Electric carved-top guitar, Thierry Andre Instruments
Red Cardi
JM7, Orange, Red Cardi: - Electric guitar or bass, carved-top included, mainly solid body construction except for JM7. Choice of pickups and specs. Finish options, and custom hardshell case included.
(work hours 150+)
General terms and conditions 

Payment :

When the quoted price to your instrument and the timeline to its making both suit you :


1- An initial deposit representing 1/3 of the final price of your guitar, will secure your order and move it to the list of orders in progress.


Your guitar is on its way! Its serial number is now created, and it becomes part of the Andre Instruments body of works.



2- The balance to your guitar will be due in (2) two payments, each also representing 1/3 of its final price: First payment is due when the work begins on your instrument, and second (final) payment is due when the instrument is completed, one week before it's shipping.


Payments can be made via bank transfers, personal checks or Paypal. A multiple payment plan can be worked out if you prefer. I do my best to accommodate each buyer in their purchase.



Current discount: 


A 3 to 5% discount is newly offered to buyers who are willing to produce a high quality demo of their new Andre instrument. This measure is taken from the recent cancellation of many guitar shows, for to promote listening to my instruments played by different people and in different contexts. No fancy playing required, only a good quality recording! 

Warranty :
I stand behind my work, and all Andre Instruments are warranted for life to their original owner, this against any defective materials and/or workmanship. This warranty is valid as long as I practice guitar making, and/or for a minimum of ten (10) years from date of purchase.

Certificate of authenticity :
All Andre Instruments come with a certificate of authenticity (as pictured) and a full studio picture set from the instrument photography specialist Jean Fitzgerald. (If ever unavailable, from an equivalent professional photographer).
certificat-sun-moon-page-1-Thierry Andre Instruments
certificat-sun-moon-page-2- Thierry Andre Instruments
A typical picture set from the works of Jean Fitzgerald, and (below) a typical custom flight-case by Multi-Caisses.
Sun-Moon-in-flight-case-workshop-view-Thierry Andre-Instruments

Feel free to contact me for more information on my work, to request the price list along with a quote for a specific instrument that you have in mind. I will get back to you shortly.
Thierry Andre - Andre Instruments - Quebec - Canada 
 +1 418 522-3062