I have been making stringed instruments since 1998. At the beginning, I kept close to the general format of the guitar, to eventually branch off somewhat, and explore a genuine interest towards what I could name - the origin of the guitar-, and investigate the making of small lutes and generally more raw and archaic instruments. This fast-paced manufacturing and exploration has sincerely opened my understanding of the guitar itself, and I kept it in parallel to my more standard production.


Between 2003 and 2007, will be born from my hand, ladder-braced top small instruments, with round body, which slowly progressed towards the size of the acoustic guitar, with Guitare-Fruit in 2008. 

During this part of my research, I proposed a variety of -tone colours- in my practice, and have used a broad spectrum of materials. Setting my workshop in a cosmopolitan city like Montreal, helped me to be in contact with instruments from all over the world : I have repaired and studied a variety of instruments in my former years, some of which had -something special- that I thought could be at the right time implemented to my guitar making craft. 

The influence of this experience, focally the round soundbox instruments, will have culminated in the realization of works of the acoustic guitar type with round bodies, such as Po in 2009, and Oudtar in 2013: The latter, in reference to its Middle Eastern root inspired by the Oud, will have completed my formal and acoustic research started ten years earlier. It will also have taught me to work 3D wood assembly in a more complex manner.


Thereafter, a new phase of creation was born between 2014 and 2018, with as variant, the instrument register. The instruments such as Multi, Maya, Raga, Old-School archtop, and Guitar-Fruit Wurcer, all have in common a search for a broader sound spectrum and greater amplitude.


The coming of Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (2019) and that of upcoming projects, follows this movement initiated, to bring the guitar towards its very own and rooted acoustic performance, creating works (I wish) that are striking and innovative, while having historical relevancy and as first motivational point : Sound and ergonomics.

This is a little bit on my background; you can access my CV here. You will notice through it that I did study with Fred Carlson, which some of you might know, and have also received a few Grants along the way too, which initiated the creation of some of the projects listed above and helped exhibiting them to the public, mainly in Canada, the United-States and in Germany.


I consider myself to be at mid-career, and luckily have gained work flow and speed in creating one-off guitar creations, as I chose upfront a non-commercial (non repetitive) practice. This came naturally with doing it everyday... and is now my -regular- job!


In general my clients expect from me the spectacular, but few know that all instruments I make have their own outstanding sound qualities ; I am therefor very qualified to build for you a very -standard- guitar if that's what you want. I'd say that my -materials- of choice are thoughts, desire and passion ; I like to know about yours...about whats on your mind. My ultimate goal is to deliver an item to the world that will yield much more in use value than its monetary value (- Wattles ). This is what I work for.

This website demonstrate Thierry Andre's unique ability to use modern forms and features of the guitar, while preserving the best aspects of its heritage and value as a musical tool. His formal root echoes with historic designs and traditional instruments, while he expresses in a personal way, what contemporary guitar making can offer today.
Each instrument he creates becomes a timeless musical tool, and hopefully a material expression of what intuition and intent do bring in one's creative work : Bringing vision to the service of the musician, he works to transmit the vibrational essence of the wood... both at the sound and visual levels, to create a musical tool that will inspire several generations.
  - Orders:
A-Type : Reproducing a model from this website : Adding personal specs and guidelines, then you can let Thierry take care of the project's whole balance for you. This is the most straightforward  - - type of order. 
B-Type : Creating a new model for you : You know ​ your dream instrument's potential, and don't find a match for it on this website. You would like the merging of two existing models...or be able to -feel- your very thoughts and vision applied to the build of your instrument?  This is the more collaborative - B - type of order. Expect a few emails and a creative venture!
C-Type : Letting the universe work for you: You are inspired about your next guitar build more so in terms of sound and -context-. You would like Thierry to surprise you with a unique instrument proposal, based on a personal guideline, story, or  inspirational material that you can share with him. Here, there are no limits! Such challenge is always welcomed!This is the more free-form, adventurous and transcending - C - type of order.
  • 1- To receive all ordering information and pricing on a dedicated website page, please contact Thierry directly. 
  • 2- A consultation regarding your project will allow the production of your final quote. 
  • 3- An initial deposit of 3,000.00 USD initiates your order. Upon its reception your order is moved to the build-list:  A time-frame for your build is set, and the serial number to your next Andre instrument is thus created.
Andre Instruments value - 2020
All quotes are produced using the USD currency, and pricing is held firm from the receipt of your deposit until delivery of the instrument(s). The remaining balance to the quoted price of your instrument(s) will be paid in two equal instalments: 1- When the work begins on your instrument(s)  2- When the instrument(s) is/are completed, prior to its/their shipping. - Payments can be made in your chosen currency, via: Paypal, wire transfers or personal cheques.
-All Andre Instruments are warranted for life to their original owner, against defective materials and/or workmanship. Normal wear to the instrument is not covered under this warranty. All instruments come with a certificate of authenticity, build process pictures, and a full studio picture-set for your personal use. Below is page 2  of a certificate of authenticity:
Opporunities : 
Thierry's body of work also features personal/spontaneous builds, which regularly emerge amongst the custom orders, either for guitar show presentations, or as one-offs. They become available instruments which are usually announced one-time via the newsletter. 
This side-by-side approach (order VS spontaneous) has shown effective for luthier and clients alike, in keeping the work dynamic : 
- Supporting this philosophy of work, as one spontaneous build , is the guitar  Clara Archtop  currently in the works.
The particular and organic nature of each of the Andre Instruments requires a dedicated quote for each. However, a price guide is provided on request which gives price references associated with specific instruments.
atelier-multi-carve - crop.jpg
Capture d’écran 2020-05-31 à 19.14.53.
Old-School Archtop in process, featuring oxydized Fir top
- An inspired instrument is one that will give you energy every time you play it.
Even its physical presence should be enough to make you tick.
I strive to make irreplaceable objects, that go way beyond the usual product definition.
My personal gratification can only come  from the fact that,
 what I work from my hands will effectively become 
the creative tool that you can no longer do without.
I give my very best for this -sonic miracle-
to happen with each instrument I make.
I look forward to hearing from you! 
Carving the top to Multi 2
Final sanding to Multi.
Presented at the 2015 Woodstock invitational luthier Showcase. 
Inside the Raga guitar
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