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Oud Masmoudi

Photo : Anne-Marie Amyot

Sycomore (aka European Maple) and ebony are used in tandem for this instrument.

The neck is made of a Sitka spruce core, capped with ebony and Sycomore, making a strong engineered structure.

The oud is not only the predecessor (by 1500 years) of the guitar, but also of the quartet instruments. For a guitar luthier, it is good to connect with the origins of your profession from time to time. This century-old oud with its refined line led me, among other things, to create the -Oudtar- guitar in 2011.

Mohamed Masmoudi in concert at Place des Arts,

Montreal Qc Canada.

Mohamed Masmoudi versatility is a result of his education: studying for 5 years at the Conservatory in Tunisia, classically trained at Université de Moncton in New Brunswick, taught by renown lute player Michel Cardin and composer Dr. Richard Gibson.​


Based in Montreal, today Masmoudi performs across the world. 



See the Oud-inspired guitar

-Oudtar- by Thierry Andre HERE.

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