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Oud M
Photo : Anne-Marie Amyot

Sycomore aka European Maple and ebony are used in tandem for this instrument.

The neck is made of a Sitka spruce core, layered with ebony and Sycomore.

The Oud's particular pegbox (right) was laminated from ebony/sycomore to prevent any splitting sometimes associated with wooden pegs experiencing dimensional shifts from different relative humidity levels.

Mo in concert at Montreal's Place de Arts:

Wow !

Attending the concert, it was hard to believe, just -how big- the oud sounded in this room.
Thanks to Mohamed Masmoudi for the video. 

Oud M. by Thierry André played by Mohamed Masmoudi    Piece: Ben Seni Sevdigimi


Mohamed Masmoudi versatility is a result of his education: studying for 5 years at the Conservatory in Tunisia, classically trained at Université de Moncton in New Brunswick, taught by renown lute player Michel Cardin and composer Dr. Richard Gibson, and playing bass guitar with his jazz quartet So What, with whom he released his first album.​


Based in Montreal, today Masmoudi performs across the world. While continuously exploring new projects, Masmoudi continues to teach, compose, and craft accessible and sophisticated music.

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