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Zyra-hollow-body-electric-guitar-Thierry Andre Instruments
Credit photos: Nassim Aboutanos
Zyra-hollow-body-electric-guitar-Thierry Andre Instruments
Zyra-hollow-body-electric-guitar-Thierry Andre Instruments

Zyra -

Holow-body electric guitar, 2001 - Andre Instruments no 12

Dimensions: 101 x 37.5 x 8.5 cm
Scale length:648mm
Neck width @ nut 44mm
String spacing @ bridge 52mm
Body length total : 53.15 cm

Soundboard: Sugar maple, vacuum dried

  • Back&sides: Honduran mahogany

  • Neck: Honduran mahogany, 2-way adjustable truss-rod

  • Fretboard: Gabon ebony, with bleached moose horn inlay

  • Headstock: Gabon ebony, with mother-of-pearl -Z- inlay

  •  Bridge: Bleached moose horn

  • Tailpiece: Gabon ebony, with steel wire

  • Tuning machines: Schaller 

  • Nut and Saddle: bleached cow bone

  • Finish: Tung oil and copal varnish

  • Pickups: K&K pure mini, Seymour Duncan Stack Strat 

  •  Strings: D'addario EXL110, nickel and steel

Collection Teti, New Hampshire, USA

Zyra-hollow-body-electric-guitar-Thierry Andre Instruments

Zyra is probably the guitar that that was the most informative about guitar design, or about design in general.


It was first commissioned by a Montreal guitarist and collector, who clearly stated that -He wanted something that he had never seen.- These are the most fun yet challenging.

The asymmetric shape and oval theme where worked-out first, but the -horn- idea had to appear on its own:

- Out of nowhere, or out of luck... The plastic -oval- template was found just at the right spot on the paper, merging with parts of the drawing partly erased. And... -Voilà-. It all came into place, as something not prior intended.


The -horn-theme, bot visual and acoustic, has been re-visited in Thierry's practice many times since.





See Echoes of Time here, a harp-guitar with Zyra and -hon- influence.

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