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-  Inspirations for the contemporary player

Thierry André is known for creating guitars of a distinctive and timeless character, exploring his way the traditional shape and sound of the guitar instrument.  


Drawing on strong references both in music, arts, and in the historical evolution of the guitar itself: he designs and builds between 5 and 6 unique instruments each year, creating one-off drawings, templates and construction molds for each.

Multi, Harp-guitar by Thierry Andre Instruments

Truly, it is craftsmanship in research & development mode, the laboratory conducive to an approach that is as much artistic as technical.

Thierry's goal  is certainly similar to that of his luthier peers, read:

- to offer one of the most exhilarating guitar experiences available today - That's understood. But what's more?




- Through each of his guitar builds, what Thierry seeks to establish is a strong and vibrant creative era that will endure as part of the player's own practice :

- The instrument's inherent musicality is key - while the guitar's full, inspirational dimension is the portal.

Oudtar, Bowl-back acoustic guitar by Thierry André Instruments

" I finally had the chance to play the Raga. What an incredible sound!  It has to be the richest, full-bodied sounding instrument in my collection! My two assistants were astounded at the sound quality!  What a masterpiece! Thank you so much for the superb vision and craft you put into your work.


Maya acoustic bass by Thierry Andre Instruments.


In my own words:


' My current production addresses the needs of both collectors and players, focusing on archtop, hollow body and steel string guitars. (Left: a rare, one-off bass guitar).


My personal approach to guitar making  offers:


- Attentive service.


- The guitar you ultimately want; identified & well planned from the start, designed with the right materials, finished to your preferences, set-up with care, signed and delivered to your door.-



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