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What I like about your work is that it is visionary. It is as if your guitars were coming from a different time, that could be forward or the past."

Marco Coppiardi,

Violin maker, Cremona

Luthier Thierry Andre - Photo credit : Vintage&Rare

- When luthier Thierry André first picked up a guitar he felt as if the vibrations of the strings were bound to the divine. 

At that moment, the theories he was learning in high school—from physics to chemistry— started to make sense, as if they were encompassed within that one note of music. “It was like discovering a new universal language,” André says.

This eureka moment was a call of destiny the young man couldn’t ignore. “A big door opened in front of me.

That vibrating string gave me a road to follow. -

 J.H. White,

Magnifissance Magazine (Read more)


Sun, Moon, and Vibrations è una versione ingrandita delle mie prime creazioni con la schiena arrotondata e mescola sia la fabbricazione di chitarre contemporanea con le tecniche primitive di liuteria: - La sua cassa armonica in pioppo è scolpita nel legno massiccio, in una moda che ricorda alcuni vecchi -strumenti mondiali come il Tar, il Sarod o il Pipa. - 2019

Clara Archtop - Thierry Andre Instruments.jpg

La Clara archtop è una tradizionale chitarra archtop da 16,5 pollici con rinforzo a X. È dotata di un humbucker al manico sospeso dall'interno della chitarra, attaccato al blocco del manico. I suoi controlli sono anche impostati nella cordiera, dando priorità alla sua funzione acustica e integrità strutturale - 2020

Thierry André (nato nel 1973) è un artista, padre di una giovane famiglia e liutaio di fama mondiale ora con sede a St-Jean-Port-Joli Qc.

Displaying formal, aesthetic, and distinct acoustic research. his expressive language addresses the entire object rather than its degree of ornamentation.


André validates the idea that the making of a stringed instrument constitutes an act of creation in its own right. - 

 A. Brunet,

Director (1975-2020), École de lutherie Guitare Bruand 

Old-school skateboarding, Maple Grove Qc, circa 1986
At work in the Van Horne Av Workshop, Montreal 2013
At work in the Van Horne Av Workshop, Montreal 2013
Thierry André in Berlin Germany 2015
Receiving the CFCMA Fine Craft Award, Qc Canada 2022

Trained first at the Institute of Crafts of Quebec by André Brunet ('92-97), then apprenticed to Fred Carlson in California (2004), Thierry André is a many time artistic grant & prize recipient, notably with the CMAQ Jean-Marie Gauvreau Prize (2020), the CFCMA Fine Crafts Distinction Award (2022). and his recent nomination as part of the iconic Archtop Foundation’s -The Blue guitars- Collection for 2025.

Meeting with Bucky Pizzarelli in 2013 - Woodstock NY
Main Exhibition Hall, Estrel Berlin 2015

The Holy Grail guitar Show - Berlin

Meeting with Bucky Pizzarelli in 2013 - Woodstock NY

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