The unique works created by Thierry Andre combine the expression of a traditional and impeccable craftsmanship with the freer approach to artistic work. 

A specialist of the steel string acoustic guitar, his body of works also reflects his love for the electric, -archtop-, and historical instruments. His experience allows him to use a wide spectrum of data to provide the guitarist with a voice of his own, an instrument that inspires him on a daily basis. 

This sound expression materializes as needed through the use of new forms related to proven bases. His guitars have a distinctive and timeless character, displaying visual attributes of the past / present, and, in a way, are incarnations of this state of -mindfulness- practiced through (music) dedicated work. 

A one-man operation, he has produced, on average, 5 to 6 unique pieces each year since 1999.
Les oeuvres uniques créées par Thierry André allient l'expression d'un savoir-faire traditionnel et irréprochable avec l'approche plus libre du travail artistique. 

Sa connaissance des guitares acoustiques,  électriques  et -archtops- lui permet d'intégrer un large spectre de données. afin de produire des instruments aux qualitées acoustiques recherchées.

Ce métissage de forme et de fonction acoustique est alors habilement transposé au niveau ergonomique et visuel.

Il conçoit et fabrique environ six pièces uniques chaque année, le plus souvent à partir de son carnet de commande.

In the works -
En développement
Recently completed!
nouvelles vies!
Next availlable instrument:   
-   Elongated acoustic guitarw/Vintage Relic Teisco Gold Foil neck pickup
    To be presented 5/2020 @ The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020.
Already sold instruments, currently in the works (from waiting list):
The Greyhound Mandoline, for Josie Greyhound (November 2019)
-  Le rouge et le noir - Electric - for Roberto Cardi (May 2020)
-  Multi no . 3 , 20 string Multistring Guitar - For Ted Pring (TBA 2020)
 Firmie -  33 strings Harp-Guitar - For Killick Hinds (TBA 2020)
- Holowbody Bass - (to be named!) - For Greg Franklin (TBA 2020)
Waiting list is now 12 months as of September 2019. Please get in touch with Thierry for pricing & personal updates, to make an order, or to reserve your spot in the build schedule.  
Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 1) 
Guitare-Fruit Wurcer  
Old school_Archtop
Raga Guitar Project          
Bass Maya No.3                     
Red dot parlor
Zyra no.2 - Andre's 20th anniversary remake!
Electric Bodies - -The garage/body-shop Series 
OM Acoustic - old Indian rosewood
New York Archtop - Fir top special     

( Please inquire for these. The waiting list & new orders received will prevail.)

(sold / completed )

( sold / completed )

( sold / completed )

[ Sold / completed )

( sold / completed )

[ sold / Completed ( Sold / completed )


- the Old-school archtop -  2018

Planning ahead 
Fabrications prévues
(subject to the waiting list /Sujet à la list d'attente)

Guitare-Fruit -Wurcer- 2018 (sold/completed) 

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