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High-end handcrafted guitars available on order.

The Clara Archtop, acoustic archtop guitar by Thierry Andre Instruments
Sun-Moon-and Vibrations, guitar by Thierry Andre instruments

Play ! 

Be Inspired.

Built from passion - Designed for expression.

Nearly 25 years of experience in guitar building are available to you here at Andre Instruments. I make a few high-end guitars a year, namely archtops, acoustics, and hollow-body electrics. Bass guitar fans will also enjoy my Maya Bass series.

Honing my craft over time as a luthier, working the tonal wood in ways that discern its best potential, my goal is to provide clients with a fully rewarding guitar experience - one that encourages their artistic flow, simply and effectively.

In a world dominated by consumerism and disposable technologies, I offer high quality handcrafted guitars that spark the imagination and fuel our universal desire to feel alive.

Old-School Archtop by Thierry Andre Instruments

Where form meets function.

Far from the guitar as an object of mass production, I build every Andre instrument to be a unique and compelling musical tool.

Behind my variations on the shape of the guitar, new tones also unfold ; A sustained harmonic content that sounds familiar and haunting. This is where the sculptural form serves the acoustic function:

Stats for Andre Instruments by Thierry André


"You know I think so highly of you and your stunning, inventive, impossible work.  

Truly, it’s a special gift to have you in the profession, thank you for building instruments!"

- Ken Parker


In many ways my work is traditional, adapting tried and true guitar shapes and using the finest wood materials available.



  • My finishes and ornamentations are kept minimalist, letting the wood fully shiver.


  • Where I allow myself to be innovative in terms of form is to target a sound that is singular and interesting to work with.



  • A sustained, lush, focused and full tone is ideal, and is quite dependent on the shape of the guitar body itself.


This is where my expertise comes into play, to make the technique disappear, so that the end user experience is kept seamless.

" This guitar... It was just born... I mean, we always talk about it when you have something like this, and we call how it's gonna sound, and then...


I mean... This is insane now! In months it's gonna be... It's, ffff..forget about it- It's already incredible.


Wow!  "


-Rudy Pensa

Raga Acoustic guitar by Thierry Andre Instruments

Imagining your dream guitar.

Whether your main requirement is ergonomic, technical, or simply aesthetic, my luthier services offer you musical tools of beautiful design and of flawless, almost surreal execution. I strive to offer the most advanced yet familiar guitar experience available today.

So don't be shy - I'm here to hear you! - In fact, many of my guitar designs come from customer suggestions. Many thought my instruments were beyond their reach, only to then decide to take the step forward.

The added value I put into each Andre Instrument clearly stands out:

- Whether it's the lifetime warranty to the original purchaser, the long-term stability of my guitars, or the impossibility of finding my work on the secondary market - all of which indicates my commitment to providing a fully rewarding guitar experience to musicians and collectors alike.

Maya, electric acoustic Bass by Thierry Andre Instruments
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