The unique works created by Thierry Andre combine the expression of a traditional and impeccable craftsmanship, with the freer approach to artistic work.
A specialist of the steel string acoustic guitar, his body of works also reflects his love for electrics, arched-tops, and historical instruments.
Often using new forms based on proven foundations, he is known for creating guitars with a distinctive and timeless character, each displaying the visual attributes of the past / present, while offering a captivating voice with expansive qualities.
A one-man operation, he designs and builds an average of six unique instruments each year since 1998.
Les oeuvres uniques créées par Thierry André allient l'expression d'un savoir-faire traditionnel et impeccable avec l'approche plus libre du travail artistique. 

Un spécialiste de la guitare acoustique à cordes d'acier, son corpus d'œuvres reflète également son amour pour les instruments électriques, -archtop- et historiques.

Utilisant souvent de nouvelles formes basées sur des gabarits éprouvés, il est connu pour créer des guitares au caractère distinctif et intemporel, chacune affichant les attributs visuels du passé / présent, tout en offrant une voix captivante  aux qualités expansives.

Opération individuelle, il conçoit et fabrique en moyenne six instruments uniques à chaque année depuis 1998.

In the works -
En développement
Next availlable instrument :
-   Elongated acoustic guitarw/Vintage Relic Teisco Gold Foil neck pickup
    To be presented 5/2020 @ The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2020.
Currently in the works (from waiting list) :
The Greyhound Mandoline, for Josie Greyhound (Spring 2020)
-  Le rouge et le noir - Electric - for Roberto Cardi (Spring 2020)
-  Multi no . 3 , 20 string Multistring Guitar - For Ted Pring (TBA 2020)
 Firmie -  33 strings Harp-Guitar - For Killick Hinds (TBA 2020)
- Holowbody Bass - (to be named!) - For Greg Franklin (TBA 2020)
Please get in touch with Thierry for the latest updates, to ask for more information, and/or to a reserve your place on the current build-list.  
Ordering information is detailed on this page.
Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 1) 
Guitare-Fruit Wurcer  
Old school_Archtop
Raga Guitar Project
Bass Maya No.3
Red dot parlor
Zyra no.2 - Andre Instruments 21'st anniversary remake!
Electric Bodies - -The garage/body-shop Series 
OM Acoustic - old Indian rosewood
New York Archtop - Special old Fir top, with f -holes & neck pickup

( Please inquire for these. The waiting list & new orders received will prevail.)


- the Old-school archtop -  2018

Recently sold instruments
The Raga-guitar project, as experienced by Rudy Pensa of Rudy's Music New York, during the Boutique guitar Showcase tour 2017.
Availlable for late 2020
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