The unique guitar works created by Thierry Andre combine the expression of a traditional and impeccable craftsmanship, with the freer approach of artistic work.
A specialist of the steel string acoustic guitar, his body of works also reflects his dedication for electric & archtop guitars, alongside historical instruments.
Often using new forms based on proven bases, he is known for creating guitars with a distinctive and timeless character, each displaying the visual attributes of the past / present, while offering a captivating voice with expansive qualities.
A one-man operation, he designs and builds on average 6 unique instruments each year, from his Quebec city workshop.
This website portraits a sample of his work.
Enjoy !
Please use the contact page for to get in touch with Thierry. 
Les guitares uniques créées par Thierry André allient l'expression d'un savoir-faire traditionnel et impeccable avec l'approche plus libre associée au travail artistique. 

Un spécialiste de la guitare acoustique à cordes d'acier, son corpus d'œuvres reflète également son intérêt marqué pour les guitares électriques & -arch tops-, ainsi que pour les instruments historiques.

Utilisant de nouvelles formes basées sur des gabarits éprouvés, il est connu pour créer des instruments au caractère distinctif et intemporel, chacun affichant les attributs visuels du passé / présent, et offrant une voix captivante  aux qualités expansives.


Il vit et travaille Québec.
Ce site web offre un aperçu de son travail.
Visitez la page contact pour rejoindre Thierry. Merci et bonne visite !

In the works
- The -CLARA ARCHTOP - is a 25.00"scale length acoustic/electric Archtop guitar, built from a very old billet
of slavaged Western red cedar. It features a Ziricote 16.625 Lower bout soundbox, black Limba neck,
and is part of a collaborative-inspiring, fingerstyle oriented venture with guitarist Michael Watts!  
For you, pickup interested: The Clara will be equipped with a Mojo wide-range dual-foil neck humbucker and K&K transducer combo.
-Both The Holy Grail guitar show 2020  and the Woodstock Invitational luthier Showcase 2020 where recently cancelled due to the current situation.  
-Stay tuned for further updates on the Clara Archtop, a very special project inspired by ( Anne-Marie and I ) our  young daughter ;  )   
On the list :
The GREYHOUND MANDOLINE, for Josie Greyhound (2020)
RED CARDI - Electric carved top - for Roberto Cardi (2020)
-  MULTI no . 3 , 20 string Multistring Guitar - For Ted Pring (2020)
 FIRMIE -  33 strings Harp-Guitar - For Killick Hinds (2021)
- ARCHTOP BASS w/neck humbucker - For Greg Franklin (2021)
- AQUAMARINE - Electric carved-top - For Martin Boulianne (2021)
- The TRIPED TRIPTYCH  : a 3 guitar Corpus based on:  JM7 - Raga - and - Kouai - (2022)
You can contact Thierry for the latest updates , or to a reserve your spot on his current build-list.  
Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 1) 
Guitare-Fruit Wurcer  
Old school_Archtop
Raga Guitar Project
Bass Maya No.3
Recently completed :
The Raga-guitar project, as experienced by Rudy Pensa of Rudy's Music New York, during the Boutique guitar Showcase tour 2017.
Most recent book publication:

More about this publication on the documentation page!

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