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I will be happy to answer your questions - even refer you if necessary - I value the guitar instrument as best I can, as well as fine craftsmanship & music as means of social and cultural expression. I will tell you right away if I think I am the right person to carry out and highlight your next guitar project.


You can write to me here; Your email app will open with my address as recipient:


Contact Thierry Andre

  • Do you have inventory, guitars in stock?
    It's very, very rare. Most of my guitars are sold before being completed. Some are occasionally made for guitar shows. I might feature an available guitar at a show, but that scenario hasn't happened lately.
  • What should I specify when pre-ordering?
    Your preferences in terms of scale for your guitar - and also what you don't like... i.e. your negative points about your previous guitars. I can do with very little information as such (a photo, a name, an album) or follow the path of all your personal influences if you wish. Often a story, a title of a book, a film; this universe that left its mark on you...guides me a lot. I do my research, I synthesize the order, I like to deal with these details... dealing with the human and the guitar!
  • Can I call you?
    Of course! At the workshop, and there is an answering machine that I recommend. I don't take texts. I usually call you back within the hour. Here is my phone number: +1 (418) 353-8898
  • If I pre-order, will you display my guitar before delivering it to me?
    Never without your agreement. Often the guitar show that I do can be a delivery location that suits everyone.
  • Can I modify my order during construction?
    No. Not on shape parameters, templates, and selected woods. There is, however, a part of work-in-progress which allows adjustments in progress (color, neck specs, switch placement, relief carve, appointments details, etc.) but on the basis of your order (number of strings, scale length, etc) developed first on drawing, no. For this I take good care of the design process and consult you during it. Usually I produce 2-3 complete guitar plans before arriving at exactly what you want and what I like too.
  • And your lifetime warranty?
    For as long as I practice guitar making professionally. Plan for a good 25 years and more... This is a good warranty period these days.
  • Have you ever had a return to process?
    No. Twice I changed the bridge on the guitar, to modify its response slightly. But no return as such.
  • What about the resale value if I buy from an independent luthier?
    For my part, I have observed only two resales in the last 10 years, which were made at a higher price than the original price at the time of purchase. I would say that if your guitar has fairly standard playing specs, it will find a may even be that after a few years of playing, it won't really cost you in the end once resold. Pretty cool, isn't it? These matters are outside my field of interest, but they are good to clarify considering your investment and confidence in the value of my work. My role is to deliver good service while continuing to improve every year.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    Probably yes. I use DHL exclusively for shipping guitars. They are extremely reliable and offer worldwide service. I would be very surprised if they couldn't get to your door.

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Thierry Andre Instruments, 197 Av de Gaspé Ouest. St-Jean-Port-Joli (Qc), Canada G0R 3G0

" Well, Thierry is French-Canadian, so one mustn't be surprised by a certain directness of speech.

- Go Thierry! 


But his work is as unique, and fully his own, as is Michi Matsuda's and Ken Parker's are;

those guys are simply brilliant "

Ervin Somogyi

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