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Doux : Merging Fine Crafts and Visual arts (2023)
Radio-Canada / CBC Radio
Reportage de Alexandre Touchette

Doux- Exposition Thierry André-St-Jean-Port-Joli Qc
Reportage de Alexndre Touchete CBC/RadioCanada - Expositio -Doux- Thierry Andre 2023

Thierry André, of an elegant simplicity (2022)
Conseil de Métiers d'arts du Québec


OCTOBER 5th 2022


Maya - Acoustic bass guitar by Thierry André - Andre Instruments

CMAQ interview with Thierry André, luthier, instrument maker and professional craftsman member of the CMAQ

Photos > Jean Fitzgerald. Courtesy of Thierry André




Thierry André has been making stunningly designed guitars since the 1990s. He crafts them from different materials and shapes to create a variety of more refined tones. His high-quality creations have his own signature that harmonizes art, craftsmanship and acoustic science. And this, as André Brunet points out, “in an elegant simplicity; his instruments strike at the same time by their visual beauty and their sound quality. [In his designs], every detail matters, especially when it comes to touch, sound, responsiveness”.

Guitare-fruit Wurcer, Aoustic guitar w/calabash and ergonmic cut by Thierry André-Andre Instruments

Recently established in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Thierry André is well recognized in the field of contemporary guitar making both nationally and internationally. For him, “art is a softening factor in life. It has the same function as a frank little hello exchanged between neighbours; both don't seem to be absolutely necessary for our survival...but ultimately they each enhance our daily experience.

With a life of creation, for him, “art is present everywhere, in the form of design, architecture, social expression; it is the creativity brought to ideas, to speech, to objects, to our environment. It is often enough to miss it to realize its real presence. »

André is the recipient of several awards of excellence and grants in fine crafts, including the prestigious Jean-Marie-Gauvreau (JMG) award. The CMAQ team takes news of the winner of the 2020 JMG award.

Kouai-Hollow body electric guitar by Thierry André - Andre Instruments

Q: How did you hear about the JMG Prize in 2020?

A: In 2007, I was a finalist for the François-Houdé prize, which celebrates the beginnings of a practice in fine crafts. I had a vague idea then that there was a price for a more sustained career; something that lasts. Everything seemed inaccessible to me at the time.

Twelve years later, when my little girl was born, I wanted to do a work to celebrate her birth. Once done, I realized that I had also just given my practice a gift; I had gone to the end of an idea with heart, and I now had a mainly expressive work to share. Then in 2020, he proposed his candidacy for the JMG prize.

Q: What project have you developed thanks to your award?

A: The prize was reinvested in my practice. I bought some tools, wood for the lutherie, etc. In general, prices and scholarships help the artist to have a broader vision of the actions that are really possible. Having a little means gives horizons.

It's very striking, very important, to be able to create at least once without worrying too much about – how much –. Then the path is open... and since we've already taken it, it's easier to find our way even with the constraints.

Multi (left) and Sun, Moon, Vibrations (right, montage view) - Guitar creations by Thierry André - Andre Instruments

Q: How has this fine crafts award had a positive impact on your career?

A: To be a luthier who is recognized especially internationally and in a fairly specialized market, it is a great experience to be celebrated in Quebec, especially by being rewarded by my peers in the arts and crafts. That my work can also touch someone who makes ceramics, jewelry, clothes... All of this tells me that I work with a creative language that makes sense and acts on different levels.

Whether for the medium of the guitar, or more broadly to highlight the handcrafted object, the overall equation surrounding the transformation of matter is viable insofar as it is fully shared. Everything is always to be improved... Between the work on the object and its sale, there are dozens of different tasks to accomplish and learning is constant.

50% of my work has nothing to do with drawing, carving wood, or adjusting a guitar... But in order for me to be able to do that, I'm ready to tackle customs declaration forms, accounting, the less nice stuff.

The Old-school archtop, guitar by Thierry Andre

Q: Any good news to share?

A: My first permanent workshop in my career! This year, my family and I are moving into our first house with independent workshop, land and view of the river, in St-Jean-Port-Joli QC. It is very different from the city; no parking problems, no more commercial space for rent and the workshop is 40 feet away from the house.

I am currently renovating the workshop, which has never been heated or insulated. It's a good piece-on-piece building that's quite sturdy. It's very rewarding for the manual in me to make windows appear where there were none, to decide where I make the hole for my door, where I put the stairs... I found a cedar plank...old...grey-black and hard, incredibly acoustic. It is certain that I make a guitar with it! I can't wait to play it.

Works by Thierry André in order of publication:

Maya (2015). Acoustic bass guitar and magnetic pickup.
Wurcer fruit-guitar (2018) Round body acoustic guitar (calabash) with ergonomic cut.
Kouai (2014) Hollow-body guitar with magnetic pickup.
Multi (2015) Multi-string guitar- archtop harp.
Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (2019). Extended round body acoustic guitar, monocoque, with internal pickup.
Oldschool Archtop (2017). Acoustic guitar

Discovering new instruments : A guitar that roars (2022)
Magnifissance Magazine
James H. White

Magnifissance magazine-guitar making article for Thierry Andre-Andre Instruments-2022-page 1
Magnifissance magazine-guitar making article for Thierry Andre-Andre Instruments-2022-page 4
Magnifissance magazine-guitar making article for Thierry Andre-Andre Instruments-2022-page 2
Magnifissance magazine-guitar making article for Thierry Andre-Andre Instruments-2022-page 5
Magnifissance magazine-guitar making article for Thierry Andre-Andre Instruments-2022-page 3
Magnifissance magazine-guitar making article for Thierry Andre-Andre Instruments-2022-page 6

Lutherie Québécoise (2020)
Sylvain Sarrazin


Local article about guitar makers from the province of Quebec. Many peer luthiers are featured, and the author writes furthermore about Thierry's creation, Guitare-Fruit Wurcer

Clara archtop (2020)
Michael Watts Guitar
U.K. / Royaume-uni

Clara Archtop 1 crop.jpg

PODCAST (Français, 35 minutes) : Tout un Bagage- Vs, audio- Une production CMAQ / QUB radio 

Cormier-André-Léon-podcast-françaisTout un Bagage
00:00 / 35:18

Podcast interview with Louis-Jean Cormier and Martin Léon, in which Thierry  talks about his work and process (French audio, 35 minutes).

Article : Meeting between the musician Louis-Jean Cormier and the luthier Thierry André: when the guitar becomes a muse. -The canadian news

Article : Rencontre entre le musicien Louis-Jean Cormier et le luthier Thierry André: quand la guitare devient une muse. -Le journal de Montréal

Artsy Shark (2020)
Featured artist Thierry Andre
USA / États-Unis


Article : Featured artist Thierry André on Artsy Shark (USA) (États-Unis) Portrait.

Fine Craft Award - Prix Jean Marie Gauvreau (2020)
Conseil des Métiers d'art du Québec

Thierry Andre-Prix Jean-Marie Gauvreau 2020.jpg
Thierry Andre-Prix Jean-Marie Gauvreau 2020

Last December, Thierry's work was highlighted and chosen for its general impact within the Quebec's fine craft professions : 

The Jean-Marie Gauvreau prize is a yearly award juried by Le Conseil des métiers d'arts du Québec 

Thanks to Le Conseil des Métiers d'arts du Québec.


Musical Design (2019)
Technological innovation and evolution of language in guitar design
Antonio Marano

Guitar book publication, 2019. 

livre-antonio-cover - copie.jpg
TAndre - copie-2.2-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-7-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-1ere-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-8-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-2- jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-9-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-4.jpg
TAndre - copie-3-jpg.jpg

Antonio Marano, associate professor of design at the Department of Architecture, University of Chieti-Pescara ( Italy ) portraits the evolution of the instrument and features the works of many of luthiers from all over the world.

Thanks to: Gangemi editore.

Raga guitar (2017)
The Boutique Guitar Showcase
Jamie Gale / Rudy Pensa
USA / États-Unis


Raga guitar, as featured by The Boutique guitar Showcase tour in 2017, played by Rudy Pensa.


Special thanks to Jamie Gale, and Jamie Gale Music for producing this great video footage.

Guitars Exchange (2015)
10 questions we ask everyone
Massimo Dangelo

Article / interview on the Italian website Guitars Exchange, by Massimo D'Angelo. It covers Thierry's debut in the guitar making field, as well as how he approaches his work, and -Why hand-made guitars are here to stay-.

Projet Kouai & Oudtar 2 - The Holy Grail Guitar Show (2014)
Jacques Carbonneaux
France / Berlin GMBH


Oudtar 2 by Thierry André played by Shai Sebbag

In 2014 was a first invitation to exhibit in Europe,

at the Holy Grail guitar show in Berlin.

Oudtar / Mutation, Matière, Son (2011)
Centre Materia Qc

Early exhibition in Quebec city, at Centre Materia.

Focusing on the creative-side of instrument-making, this exhibition featured luthiers as well as  fine craft and applied arts participants.

Curator Nathalie Racicot with Oudtar by Thierry André at the exhibition -Mutation-Matière-Son,

instruments de musique innovants, Presented at Centre Materia in 2011. Photo : Journal Le Soleil, Pascal Ratthé

Article by Josianne Desloges, Le Soleil (French).

Des six cordes bien bichonnées (2009)
Le Devoir
Guillaume-Bourgault Côté


French article published before the 2009 Montreal guitar show,
featuring Thierry André and Michael Greenfield.

Po (2007)
Thierry André: Rencontre avec le luthier Montréalais
Jacques Carbonneaux

French early article about Thierry's work.

The Responsive guitar - first publication feature - Zyra (2002)
Ervin Somogyi
USA / États-Unis


First feature in a book publication - alongside many contemporary builders- In Ervin Somogyi's -The Responsive Guitar  Circa  2009

Photo: Michael Watts

CV (partial)

Solo Exhibition -

2023 -Doux-, du 10 au18 juin, Chapelle des Processions de St-Jean-Port-Joli (Commissariat, Solo) Canada

Group Exhibitions -

2020 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Version web) (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2017 Salon International de guitare de Québec. Centre La Chapelle (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2017 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, Bearsville Theatre (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2017 Boutique Guitar Showcase USA Tour (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2016 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2016 Acoustic Instrument Celebration, Earl Warren Hall CA (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2015 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2015 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, Bearsville Theatre (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2014 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2013 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, Bearsville Theatre (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2011 Mutation Matière Son, Centre Materia Québec (Commissariat, Groupe) Canada
2010 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Hyatt Regency Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2009 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Palais des Congrès Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2008 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Hyatt Regency Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2007 François-Houdé – Exposition, CMAQ, Place Bonaventure Montréal (Jurée, Groupe) Canada
2007 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Hyatt Regency Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2006 SIMMM salon international, Place des Arts, Montréal (Invitation, Groupe) Canada

1997 Symposium of stringed Instruments Artisans, ASIA, Burlington VT (Invitation, Groupe) États-Unis

Formation -


2005 PERFECTIONNEMENT - Studio de Fred Carlson, Santa Cruz CA États-Unis
1992-97 A.E.C. sp. LUTHERIE - Institut des Métiers D'art du Québec Montréal Canada

1992-97 FORMATION CONTINUE EN LUTHERIE - Bruand Lutherie-Guitare Longueuil Canada

Awards -

2022 Prix Distinction en Métiers d'art (lauréat) CFCMA

2020 Prix Jean-Marie Gauvreau (lauréat) CMAQ
2007 Prix François-Houdé (Mention d'honneur) CMAQ
1999 Prix Jeune Promoteur (lauréat) CDEC Petite-Patrie

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