Press coverage -

Press coverage for Thierry André - Andre Instruments:  -Articles, Past exhibitions & partial CV

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Lutherie Québécoise (2020) - LaPresse - Sylvain Sarrazin

Local article about guitar makers from the province of Quebec. Many peer luthiers are featured, and the author writes furthermore about Thierry's creation, Guitare-Fruit Wurcer

Clara archtop (2020) 
Clara Archtop 1 crop.jpg

PODCAST (Français, 35 minutes) : Tout un Bagage- Vs, audio- Une production CMAQ / QUB radio 

Cormier-André-Léon-podcast-françaisTout un Bagage
00:00 / 35:18

Podcast interview with Louis-Jean Cormier and Martin Léon, in which Thierry  talks about his work and process (French audio, 35 minutes).

Article : Meeting between the musician Louis-Jean Cormier and the luthier Thierry André: when the guitar becomes a muse. -The canadian news

Article : Rencontre entre le musicien Louis-Jean Cormier et le luthier Thierry André: quand la guitare devient une muse. -Le journal de Montréal

Artsy Shark : Featured artist Thierry Andre (2020)

Article : Featured artist Thierry André on Artsy Shark (USA) (États-Unis) Portrait.

Fine Craft Award - Prix Jean Marie Gauvreau (2020)  du Conseil des Métiers d'art du Québec
Thierry Andre-Prix Jean-Marie Gauvreau 2020.jpg
Thierry Andre-Prix Jean-Marie Gauvreau 2020

Last December, Thierry's work was highlighted and chosen for its general impact within the Quebec's fine craft professions : 

The Jean-Marie Gauvreau prize is a yearly award juried by Le Conseil des métiers d'arts du Québec 

Thanks to Le Conseil des Métiers d'arts du Québec.

Musical Design (2019) : Technological innovation and evolution of language in guitar design - Author Antonio Marano -Gangemi Editore, Rome 

Guitar book publication, 2019. 

livre-antonio-cover - copie.jpg
TAndre - copie-2.2-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-7-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-1ere-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-8-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-2- jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-9-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-6-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-5-jpg.jpg
TAndre - copie-4.jpg
TAndre - copie-3-jpg.jpg

It is quite an honour to  be part of this 2019 guitar publication from Gangemi Editore!

Antonio Marano, associate professor of design at the Department of Architecture, University of Chieti-Pescara ( Italy ) has just made a very accomplished work here.
His portrait of the evolution of the instrument is fantastic, and it features the works of many of my contemporary peer luthiers from all over the world.

A total of 9 pages are devoted to Thierry's work:- From early instruments like Zyra, to recent ones like Sun, Moon, and Vibrations.Merci - Thanks to: Gangemi editore.

Raga guitar (2017) with demo (played by Rudy Pensa).


Raga guitar, as featured by The Boutique guitar Showcase tour in 2017, played by Rudy Pensa.


Special thanks to Jamie Gale, and Jamie Gale Music for producing this great video footage.

Multi (2015) with demo

Kinloch Nelson with Multi no.1 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase NY, Oct. 2015

Multi - Blue Jay Way (George Harrison)Kinloch Nelson
00:00 / 04:21

Jean-Marc Hebert - plays Multi

Guitars Exchange Italy - 10 questions we ask everyone - Thierry André (2015)

Article / interview on the Italian website Guitars Exchange, by Massimo D'Angelo. It covers Thierry's debut in the guitar making field, as well as how he approaches his work, and -Why hand-made guitars are here to stay-.

Interview de Thierry André par Jacques Carbonneaux (with demo)

Projet Kouai & Oudtar 2 , The Holy Grail Guitar Show (2014)  


Oudtar 2 by Thierry André played by Shai Sebbag

In 2014 was a first invitation to exhibit in Europe,

at the Holy Grail guitar show in Berlin.

Kouai (studio recording) 
Kouai played by Jean-Marc Hébert (Montréal)

Jean-Marc Hébert is a guitarist and composer. Originally trained in classical guitar, he has recorded a dozen albums with formations in various styles, as a performer and sometimes as a co-composer. His career is marked by explorations outside of jazz culture, in particular through Indian music (Ragleela, Catherine Potter, Lavanya Narasiah) and African music (Ernesto Dabo, Lilison, Saïd Mesnaoui, Labess).
Tuku (2013),  with respect for the star Oliver Mtukudzi (with studio album)

Hi Thierry,

My pleasure to hear from you. I hope you are well.


Deze is doing well and is the one I used on the album MOKMBE WE MVURA. Thats why it is on the cover.


I will be in touch in due course.




Oudtar (2011) : Mutation, Matière, Son - Centre Materia -QC, Canada
Early exhibition in Quebec city, at Centre Materia.

Focusing on the creative-side of instrument-making, this exhibition featured luthiers as well as  fine craft and applied arts participants.

Curator Nathalie Racicot with Oudtar by Thierry André at the exhibition -Mutation-Matière-Son,

instruments de musique innovants, Presented at Centre Materia in 2011. Photo : Journal Le Soleil, Pascal Ratthé

Article by Josianne Desloges, Le Soleil (French).
Des six cordes bien bichonnées (2009) Le Devoir-Guillaume-Bourgault Côté
French article published before the 2009 Montreal guitar show,
featuring Thierry André and Michael Greenfield.
Po (2007) - Thierry André: Rencontre avec le luthier Montréalais - Jacques Carbonneaux - France
French early article about Thierry's work.
Zyra (2002)  : Ervin Somogyi, The responsive guitar 

First feature of Thierry's work in a book publication - alongside many contemporary builders- In Ervin Somogyi's -The Responsive Guitar  Circa  2009

Photo: Michael Watts

Past Exhibitions -

2020 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Version web) (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2017 Salon International de guitare de Québec. Centre La Chapelle (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2017 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, Bearsville Theatre (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2017 Boutique Guitar Showcase USA Tour (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2016 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2016 Acoustic Instrument Celebration, Earl Warren Hall CA (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2015 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2015 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, Bearsville Theatre (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2014 The Holy Grail guitar show, EGB, Estrel-Berlin (Sélection, Groupe) Allemagne
2013 Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase, Bearsville Theatre (Commissariat, Groupe) États-Unis
2011 Mutation Matière Son, Centre Materia Québec (Commissariat, Groupe) Canada
2010 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Hyatt Regency Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2009 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Palais des Congrès Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2008 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Hyatt Regency Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2007 François-Houdé – Exposition, CMAQ, Place Bonaventure Montréal (Jurée, Groupe) Canada
2007 Salon de la guitare de Montréal, Hyatt Regency Montréal (Sélection, Groupe) Canada
2006 SIMMM salon international, Place des Arts, Montréal (Invitation, Groupe) Canada

1997 Symposium of stringed Instruments Artisans, ASIA, Burlington VT (Invitation, Groupe) États-Unis

Formation -


2005 PERFECTIONNEMENT - Studio de Fred Carlson, Santa Cruz CA États-Unis
1992-97 A.E.C. sp. LUTHERIE - Institut des Métiers D'art du Québec Montréal Canada

1992-97 FORMATION CONTINUE EN LUTHERIE - Bruand Lutherie-Guitare Longueuil Canada

Awards -

2020 Prix Jean-Marie Gauvreau (lauréat) CMAQ
2007 Prix François-Houdé (Mention d'honneur) CMAQ
1999 Prix jeune promoteur Rosemont- Petite Patrie CDEC

Press coverage -

2022 MAGNIFISSANCE -Discovering unique instruments: A guitar that roars -. Article, Canada

2020 LE DEVOIR - Un prix pour le facteur d’instrument Thierry André -. Article, Canada

2020 SARRAZIN, S. - Lutherie Québécoise - LaPresse. Article, Canada

2020 THE CANADIAN - Meeting between Louis-Jean Cormier and Thierry André  Article, Canada

2020 QUB RADIO - Tout un bagage - CMAQ/Québécor Média. Podcast, Canada

2020 LE JOURNAL DE MONTRÉAL - Quand la guitare devient une muse - Article, Canada

2020 WATTS, M. - A fingerstyle archtop – Michael Watts Guitars. Reportage web, Angleterre

2020 EDLUND, C. - Featured artist Thierry Andre - Artsy Shark. Article, États-Unis

2019 MARANO, A. - Design Musicale - Gangemi Editore-Rome. Publication, Italie 

2019 KUNG, J. T. - Sun, Moon, and Vibrations revisited - Article, Canada

2017 GALE, J.  – A conversation with Rudy Pensa – Boutique guitar showcase. Video, États-Unis

2016 JOURNEL, P. - Thierry André, Holy grail Guitar Show 2016 - interview, France

2015 CARBONNEAUX, J. -The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015 - interview, France 

2015 KAISER, U. - Guitarre -Oud- Kombi - Guitar Ausgabe - Article, Allemagne

2015 D’ANGELO, M. - 10 questions we ask everyone - Guitars Exchange. Article, Italie

2014 CARBONNEAUX, J. - Thierry André - Oudtar 2 et guitare Kouai - Article, France

2011 DESLOGES, J. - Mutations-matière-son - Le Soleil, 17 sept.2011, Article, Canada 

2009 SOMOGYI, E. - The responsive guitar - Hal Leonard corporation. Mention, États-Unis

2009 BOURGAULT-CÔTÉ, G. -Des six cordes - Le Devoir, Article, Québec, Canada

2009 CARBONNEAUX, J. - Thierry André, rencontre - Reportage web, France

2006 CMAQ - Luthiers québécois présents au SIMMM  - Brochure, Québec, Canada  

1999 CIRRUS Communications - Fais-en ton affaire - Portrait 7min, Québec, Canada