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Thierry André (b.1973) is an artist, father of a young family, and professional luthier now based in St-Jean-Port-Joli Qc.


He built his first acoustic guitar at age 19 while attending the École-Atelier Lutherie-Guitare Bruand, an institution that I founded in 1975.

Thierry André at work-workshop image for Andre Instruments

First working for musicians in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Thierry naturally came into contact with a wide variety of string instruments from various parts of

the world - Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the United States:

-His study of these old-world instruments will have connected him with the very source of traditional instrument-making, inviting him to see the guitar from a renewed and fresh perspective:

-Now working with different materials, sounds, shapes and ergonomics, this experience led him to further develop his own expressive language as a luthier.

Guitare-fruit w/sitar
Following a key internship with Santa Cruz, CA luthier Fred Carlson, he began to produce a singular body of works — remarkable at each stage of its creative process, from conception to execution — that now stands out as a highlight of contemporary guitar making, both in Canada and internationally :
Sakura-acoustic guitar-Thierry Andre Instruments
Guitare-Fruit - folk
-André's artistic approach is both creative and technically rigorous. It meets the many acoustic criteria required by the profession of luthier, while exploring the formal and sound expressions of the guitar in a new light.
His creations are fully authentic variations on his principal theme - the acoustic guitar :

-Transposing the very technical and complex equations required by the luthier's trade, Thierry André ultimately creates works of art of unique beauty and sound.

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His work has been exhibited principally in Canada, the United States and Germany.

Shai Sebbag with Oudtar 2-Holy Grail guitar show 2014, Estre Berlin, Gemany

Guitarist Emil Petrov with Multi
Photo: courtesy of Lars Mullen.

Guitarist Shai Sebbag with my Oudtar-2 guitar (right), exhibited at Estrel - Berlin in 2014 as part of the first edition of The Holy Grail guitar show.

hggs-2016-photo-deimel-guitarworks - Thierry Andre Instruments

Main exhibition hall at Estrel-Berlin, HGGS 2016
Photo: courtesy Deimel Guitarworks

Multi2-Berlin-portrait-of-Thierry Andre.jpg

Photo : Vintage and Rare

His works are especially notable for comprising art, fine crafts, and acoustic science with elegant simplicity, creating guitars that are striking for both their visual beauty and their quality of tonal colour.

André has, to date, created some one hundred twenty works :  - In exhibiting among peers at the international level, he has been a leader in bringing a fresher and more open approach to guitar-making.

Sun, Moon, and Vibrations is a blown-up version of my early round-back creations, and intermixes both contemporary guitar making with primitive lutherie techniques : - Its Poplar soundbox is carved-out from solid wood, in a fashion reminiscent of some old-world instruments like the Tar, the Sarod or the Pipa. - 2019

Clara Archtop - Thierry Andre Instruments.jpg

The Clara archtop is a traditional x-braced 16.5" archtop guitar. It features a neck humbucker that is suspended from the inside of the guitar, attached to its neck block. Its controls are also set into the tailpiece, giving priority to its acoustic function and structural integrity. - 2020

Thierry André is the recipient of several fine craft awards and grants ; -His work is a source of inspiration for his disciplinary field; joining professional luthiers, teachers, students, curators and international clients.

Attracting both the established collections and a new  contemporary clientèle - Andre's instruments stand among the most refined works of their kind today.