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Guitare-Fruit Wurcer

Wow, amazing.


The playing action is super smooth, very easy to play.


The sound is complex but surprisingly focused.



I was expecting to play kora-like things with a limited harmonic pallette, but everything sounds good on this, even big jazz chords.



_DSC9868 - Dos.jpg
Helicon 9875.jpg

Guitare-Fruit Wurcer 
Acoustic bowl-back guitar- 2017-18 -Andre Instruments no.96
Dimensions: 101 x 40 x 25 cm
Scale length:640mm
Neck width @ nut 43mm
String spacing @ bridge 56mm
Body length total: 50 cm

Soundboard: Alaska red cedar (aged), with altitude Red spruce bracings
Back&sides: African calabash, monocoque, with Alaska red cedar, and
indian rosewood trims
Neck: Port Orford cedar with carbon fiber reinforcements, and steel
adjustable truss-rod
Fretboard: West african ebony, with recon stone markers and bleached
cow bone inlay
Headstock: West african ebony, Port Orford cedar, recon stone, copper veneer
Bridge: Sugar maple with copper overlay and tung oil finish
Tuning machines: Schertler, brushed aluminium, brass gear, and ebony buttons
Nut and Saddle: bleached cow bone
Finish: Linseed oil, tung oil, and copal varnish , over oxydative process
Strings: D'addario EXP16, phosphor bronze and steel
Collection Wurcer, Wisconsin, USA


It looks amazing, I can't wait to play it.


As you said before, it has a very 'ancient' look. But also somewhat timeless, and it definitely has your artistic signature to it. The copper on the bridge was a brilliant idea.

By all means, feel free to share the video on your FB page. I'm glad you like it.


The tune is basically "Afro Blue" by Mongo Santamaria, though I have been somewhat free with the structure. I am using a "3rd Hand" capo, which allows a 'simulated' open tuning while actually remaining in standard tuning. The open strings are GAFGDG. The audio is only what was captured through my iPad. I recorded it with the AKG mic you see in the video, but when I listened, it sounded okay with the original audio. I will be doing some more in the future, the next one will have better quality sound.


I am flattered by the Marc Ribot comparison, he is actually one of my favorite players. I discovered him back when he was working with Tom Waits. I have a very experimental side too, I love noise! I am working on getting a Sound Cloud or similar page going, I will let you know.

More of a jazz thing this time, St. Thomas (the Sonny Rollins tune). Guitare-Fruit works very well for jazz, you can use the entire neck and the sound is very balanced.

Steve Wurcer -

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