Multi 2


Arch top guitar w/ 12 sympathetic strings and 2 sub-bass.

2nd of a very unique series of 2.

Sound, craftsmanship, design, functionality and art-factor ++






Scale length : 25.125 inches  neck pitch 0


Standard steel-string neck w/1.71 inches nut width 


12 inches radius board @ 5th fret


Raised fingerboard, 20 EVO Gold frets medium crown


String spacing at bridge: 2.125 inches


16 inches low bout,


Body thickness at mid-point 4 inches / 2.5 inches under right arm


Photos: Anne-Marie Amyot

Multi 2 -  photos credit: Anne-Marie Amyot

-Archtop guitar w/12 sympathetic strings and 2 sub-bass -2016 - Andre
Instruments no.94

Dimensions: 108 x 41 x 10 cm
Scale length: 638mm
Neck width @ nut 43mm
String spacing @ bridge 56mm
Body length total: 107 cm


Soundboard: Alska yellow cedar, with altitude Red spruce bracings
Back&sides: American poplar, monocoque
Neck: Spanish cypress, with carbon fiber reinforcements, and steel
adjustable truss-rod
Fretboard: West african ebony, with indian rosewood markers and
aluminium side dots inlay
Headstock: Spanish cypress, Indian rosewood, with bleached cow bone logo inlay
Bridge: Morado and carbon fiber
Tailpiece: Indian rosewood, ebony, aluminium, steel, carbon fiber
Tuning machines: Gotoh stealth, black chrome
Nut: Camel bone
Saddle: carbon fiber graphite
Finish: Linseed oil, tung oil, and copal varnish (neck, back & sides)
Graphite dust and hand-polished nitrocellulose laquer (soundboard)

Pickups: Lindy Fralin split-blades, vintage output

Strings: D'addario EXP16, phosphor bronze and steel

Multi 2 played by Jean-Marc Hébert :


Improvised demo using John Zorn's - Kisofim - theme, from the Masada Guitars album, arr. by Bill Frisell.


" Hi Thierry, Congratulations! Multi #2 is stunning! A beautiful work of art! [...] Thrilled to have Multi 2! "

Picture courtesy of Deimel Guitarworks, from the Holy Grail guitar show 2016
Beautiful Old-growth yellow cedar from Haida Gwaii B.C. (Canada) was used for the soundboard to Multi 2.
Workshop views of the American Poplar to Multi's soundbox. Upper left picture shows the laminated -neck-wings- as part of the delicate shell-like soundbox. These buttressing supports meet with the neck to transfer its pull to the stiffer rim-area of the guitar. Lower-right is the completed instrument in it custom flight-case, made by Multi-Caisses
- Thierry André brought several examples of his unconventional work from his Canadian workshop -
at the Santa Barbara acoustic instrument celebration.

Built on an open rim, the 4-string Maya hybrid acoustic bass (right) has a carved cutaway, and its controls are mounted on the upper bout where they won’t interfere with the vibrating soundboard.

The stunning silver Multi No. 2 is a 6-string archtop guitar hot-rodded with 12 sympathetic drone strings and two bass strings.
-James M. Brill- Premier Guitar