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Photos: Thierry André

Rolf was named after Rolf-Carlos Klausener, (The Acorn). His girlfriend contacted me for to build what would become his birthday present. He eventually found out about the build, and came to the workshop. By seeing the gourd in the works, he hinted that a round -cut- could be made at its back to give better ergonomics.

This ladder-braced folk instrument had a wonderful voice right off the workbench. It was equipped with a K&K pickups.

Everybody was happy with this creation, until Rolf called and asked if another one could be made : His beloved calabash companion had been stolen at a show. 

Guitare-Fruit no.2 was made to replace -Rolf-, and he recorded a wonderful song with it, titled -Slippery when wet-.


Its a fantastic little chunk of folk music (below).


If you ever see the original Rolf in your area, please let-us know! 

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