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Thierry André's first solo exhibition titled -DOUX ; MERGING FINE CRAFTS AND VISUAL ARTS  - as reached a broad audience from all ages, both local and from abroad.



La Chapelle des Processions de St-Jean-Port-Joli as proved to offer a good setting for exchange & sharing.

Special thanks to all who attended!

The local 4 year-old kindergarten class made a special impression in everyone's heart :

As part of a larger sonic installation, Acoustic instruments and Sculptural works where presented to the public.

Thanks to Curator & artist-sculptor Michel Saulnier for the invitation.

I equally acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for to present my first Solo Exhibition.

I am happy to announce that my sculpture Mater Materia is selected as part of:



100 Artworks curated by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory @ Saatchi Art

The exhibition -Doux- was also granted by a visit from Radio-Canada Radio:

- Special thanks to reporter Alexandre Touchette's for his wonderful coverage of the event.

You can hear it below!




Thierry André is an artist and luthier based in St-Jean-Port-Joli QC Canada.

A specialist in the steel-string acoustic guitar, his body of works also reflects his love for electric, -archtop-, and historical instruments. Recently nominated to the Collection -The Blue guitars-, his works display a distinctive and timeless character - His instruments expressing both tradition, creativity, and pure sonic performance.

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