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Guitare-Fruit Series

From 2008, a series of 5 Guitare-Fruit, to experiment with ergonomics and bracing patterns.


Essentially a variation on the gourd-banjo, and certainly influenced by the African Cora instrument, these small-bodied guitars have a tone that is well-suited for recording work. Some even  have been featured on film scores and other soundtracks.


There are a few sound bytes of them on this page.

Presented at the Montreal guitar show in 2009 ; They where sold all in one go!


None was ever made again, except for the recent Guitare-Fruit Wurcer.

Guitare - Fruit 5

3rd Ear - Ragleela
Photos: Pierre-Luc Dufour

Guitare - Fruit 1

Photos: Pierre-Luc Dufour
Photos: Thierry André
Slippery When Wet - Rolf Klausener

Guitare - Fruit 3

"Thanks for sending this link, and thank you again for the wonderful work on the Gourdguitar. It's soooooo wonderful.


I'm attaching a song from our upcoming album that was written and performed on the gourd.
it's a really simple song, but i think the gourd sounds fantastic in this song."

Okay, I must run, but i'll talk to you soon. Keep sending any ideas whenever you have them!
Infinite thanks again!

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