Design features -

Combining long-term stability, sound, and playability

Each André instrument is unique. Beyond its serial number, each has a name. 

Every detail counts, especially when dealing with touch, sound, and responsiveness :

Video courtesy of the Boutique guitar Showcase

Electric guitars :

André's electric guitars are thought out in terms of acoustic engineering, before any amplification factor comes into play. 

Kouai (below) has balanced mass and sustain, and offers the -airy- qualities expected of hollowbody guitars.

Kouai hollow-body guitar 2014 Thierry Andre Instruments

A guitar such as Kouai has great unplugged qualities that one can hear from it when being amplified and well recorded.



Hear it played solo by Jean-Marc Hébert (2 Min.)

In short: A strong physical link between the neck and the bridge is created by its very sculpture:

Bypassing the neck pickup hole, raised pillars consolidate the structure of the main axis, by pointing straight to the guitar bridge.

Kouai-hollow body electric guitar build- by Thierry andre Instruments
Acoustic guitars :

The MAYA is the largest guitar in the André lineup: 


-From such a picture (left), one can clearly see the buttressing neck wing supports that tie its sides to its neck block: 


-This feature was borrowed from Steve Klein:


It ensures long-term stability of the instrument, or peace of mind if you prefer. 


The observation is this: Even with laminated or very strong sides, the guitar's soundboard must still give much of its strength at its top, just to -resist- the forces inherent to string tension. (Ever heard of a neck reset?)


These -neck wings- do consolidate the structure of the acoustic box, without compromising its sound.


In short; This added feature is a service rendered to one's investment.  


Inside the box to the Maya Bass 2015: -Typical laminated -neck wings- support attached to neck block. Also visible are: Beveled hardwood tail block, glued-in side brackets, tubing for pickup lead wire going to tail, faceted spruce cutaway in place on soundboard, and resulting cut on treble-side of body. Lattice-type bracing is used on top plate, with long radial type bracing pattern on back.  

Hear the Maya in this short 1 min. demo:
These neck wings are thus used on all acoustic Andre Instruments since 2011. In addition to long-term stability, it is sonically interesting to tie the neck in such a triangular configuration:
-Less lateral movement is observed at the guitar's neck, and strings are thus more focused on its top activation.
atelier-oudtar-bowl-done-Thierry Andre Instruments.jpg
atelier-oudtar-bowl-done-Thierry Andre Instruments.jpg

Inside and outside the soundbox to Oudtar, 2011. Typical -neck wings- support are attached to the neck block,

Kasagami Japanese paper reinforces every seam of the 22 - rib structure. 

Greyhound mandoline bowl-back completed (left), and the Old-school archtop rim assembly, both having soundbox -neck wings- glued in position. 

Geyhound Mandoline by Thierry Andre Instruments
Clara-archtop-Thierry Andre Instruments

Inside the Clara Archtop, 2020: -Typical -neck wings- support attached to neck block. 


Also visible, is a laminated rosewood internal pickup support, that holds the pickup suspended and clear of the top. 

Care in design :

Lastly, here are some different bracing combinations,

used for André acoustic guitars :

_DSC9857 - Table.jpg

Guitare-fruit Wurcer (2018), intermixed parallel bars and ladder bracing. 

Old-school-archtop by Thierry Andre Instruments

Old-school Archtop (2017): Intermixed parallel bars and ladder bracing.

Oudtar by Thierry Andre Instruments
Oudtar-bracing-Thierry Andre Instruments

Oudtar : soundboard prior to its voicing stage (2013): -Intermixed x-brace  and a sequential ladder bracing.

Raga guitar by Thierry Andre Instruments

Raga Guitar (2017): -Traditional x-brace with fan-type lower bout segment.

Clara archtop by Thierry Andre Instruments
Clara archtop by Thierry Andre Instruments

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