Photos: Pierre Longtin
Goldorak is a hollow-body electric guitar, featuring african padauk, honduran mahogany, and camphor burl.

Its layered construction was suggested by my client Kirk Labelle. He presented me a photoshop mock-up of
what he envisioned as possible for his guitar. I have to admit that it took me a little while to figure everything out for this one, and that the tonal outcome came out way better than anything expected by both of us.

Kirk requested a central electronic compartment, which I could enclose in a shielded box, accessible via the padauk wedged-piece on the back.
This type of construction gave me insights for later builds like Kouai.
Quartered, honduras mahogany back.
The -V- shape opening accepts its
padauk counter-part in a locking
Just below the back plate is the cedar electronic shielded box (seen above).
This instrument features both magnetic and piezo pickups, wired to an onboard LR Baggs preamp.
Kirk Labelle on delivery day, Montreal, 2006.